Astrid Loch And Kevin Wendt Go Public With Renewed Romance After ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Reunion

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Fans of Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt as a couple have had a rough week with these last two episodes of Bachelor in Paradise Season 5. He blindsided her with a breakup rather than spend the night with her in the fantasy suite, but the two came together again during Tuesday’s reunion. The buzz had been swirling for a while that they had already gotten back together, but now they don’t have to hide anything and they seemed anxious to go public after the finale wrapped.

Tuesday night after the Bachelor in Paradise reunion show, Kevin Wendt shared a photo via Twitter that made fans of the couple swoon. He posted a photo showing him with Astrid Loch, noting that they were sending greetings from Canada. Kevin also shared a few short video clips via his Instagram Stories, and one revealed that he was sitting with Astrid as they watched the reunion show.

Another post that Wendt shared via Instagram showed him with Loch in Toronto and the two are both dressed casually and carrying some bags of groceries. They’re smiling at one another and he added the caption, “Real life. Real people.”

Astrid shared a fun post via her Instagram page Tuesday night, and it was of her at the reunion show taping eating a piece of pizza. She quipped that now that she’s got her man back, she can eat carbs again, and Bachelor in Paradise fans know that she’s just having some fun with this caption. Loch also retweeted the photo that her beau had shared on Twitter and she made it clear that she isn’t afraid to stand up for her relationship or her man.

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Real life. Real people.

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One person on Twitter said that viewers didn’t hear Kevin tell Astrid he was sorry during Tuesday’s Bachelor in Paradise finale. Loch replied that Wendt has apologized plenty of times, but that not everything needs to be on camera.

This reunion may seem brand new for Bachelor in Paradise fans, but Astrid and Kevin have already had some time to work through a lot of this. During Tuesday’s episode, Loch and Wendt made it seem as if things had remained in limbo between their split in Mexico and this finale. However, spoilers have detailed that they’ve been together again and solid for a while now.

In fact, as the Inquisitr recently shared, Astrid and Kevin are already talking about having her relocate to Toronto where he lives. Kevin Wendt let fear torpedo his romance with Astrid Loch while the two were in Mexico, but all signs point toward this Bachelor in Paradise relationship having the legs to go the distance now. Stay tuned for updates on Astrid and Kevin, along with the other Season 5 couples, as they adjust to their real-world romances now that the finale has aired.