‘American Horror Story: Apocalypse’ Premiere: Sarah Paulson Discusses Playing Three Characters In Season 8

Kurt IswarienkoFX

As Season 8 of American Horror Story gets ready to premiere on FX, one of the series’ long-time actors opens up on what it is like playing three characters this season in AHS Apocalypse.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse will tell the story of the destruction of the world as we know it and the subsequent reaction from those left alive afterward. In addition, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, has also managed to bring back elements and characters from the Murder House and Coven seasons of AHS. This means that, for some of the actors involved with this season, there will be as many as three individual characters to portray in Season 8 of American Horror Story.

One of AHS‘ main actors, Sarah Paulson, will be one of the actors playing multiple roles in AHS Apocalypse. She will reprise her roles from Murder House and Coven as well as playing a new Apocalypse character, Wilhemina Venable.

As the Hollywood Reporter points out, both of Paulson’s characters from Murder House and Coven received Emmy nominations. So there might be an expectation from the audience of great things when these characters return in American Horror Story: Apocalypse. It could also lead to added pressure to Sarah Paulson in portraying them once more. However, when THR asked her about this, Paulson insisted that it is “thrilling” to reprise these roles in Season 8.

“Very often, you don’t get an opportunity to play a part you’ve played,” Paulson explains.

“The unique thing about this show is that every year we are basically starting from scratch. I’m not coming back to work and putting on the same outfit that I wore as a character last season. We’re not picking up right where we left off and that’s really exciting. At the same time, there can be those moments where you feel, ‘I don’t know if I got to the end of things with that character.’ Before the character died or before the season was over, or whatever it is. So it is kind of exciting with distance and space between it, to go back to revisit something. It doesn’t make me feel pressure, it makes me excited that I get to go visit an old friend, essentially.”

As for the logistics of playing multiple characters within one season, Paulson explained that often she would usually only shoot as the one character each day, meaning she could focus entirely on that character. However, there was one day of shooting for Season 8 where she “started as one character and ended the day on another one.” Even then, she found it a challenge and not a hindrance.

As for whether these three characters will interact with each other, or if they will maintain separate timelines within Season 8, viewers will just have to wait a little longer to find out.

In addition, Sarah Paulson mentioned that Season 8 of American Horror Story will be like the “greatest hits” version of this series, thanks to the addition of so many previous characters returning for Apocalypse.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse will premiere on FX on September 12.