Ariana Grande ‘Incredible’ For Mac Miller’s Sobriety Fight, Says Friend Shane Powers

Dave HoganGetty Images

While Ariana Grande has borne an unnecessary amount of the blame during the immediate aftermath of rapper Mac Miller’s passing, it has been revealed that the singer was a rock for Miller as he fought for years to stay sober. Grande wanted more than anything else in the world for Miller to achieve sobriety and be happy, even after the couple broke up reveals friend of Miller Shane Powers, as reported by TMZ.

Powers, who counted himself as one of Miller’s closest friends during the period the rapper spent in Los Angeles, explained the situation through his podcast “The Shane Show.” Using the episode to pay tribute to the fallen rapper throughout, Powers delved deep into Miller’s prodigious talent, warm personality, and deep struggles in his fight against addiction.

Acknowledging how much of a target that Grande had become in the wake of Miller’s death, Powers revealed that the situation was quite the opposite and emphasized the Grande was quite the opposite from the source of the troubles that led Miller down the black hole of addiction and to his passing.

Powers specifically used the word “incredible” when describing Grande’s involvement in Miller’s life even after they were no longer together. Grande would constantly check in on Miller as he would go through the process of sobering up, calling him for conversations regularly and dedicating herself to doing whatever she could to keep Miller on the arduous path towards sobriety.

Powers explained how far Grande had gone in ensuring Miller remained strong in his fight, using the “phrase to the wall” to describe the dedication and lengths she took to make sure that she didn’t lose her ex-boyfriend in the depths of addiction, having a role in Miller’s life despite having moved on to a relationship with comedian Pete Davidson.

Miller and Grande broke up back in May after their work schedules made a regular relationship too difficult to maintain, but even in the aftermath the couple remained very close and described their relationship as one of best friends. Much on the content of Miller’s final album Swimming focused on the aftermath of the relationship, taking time to reflect on how things fell apart and how he had changed as a person during the time they were together.

After Miller passed, she disabled the comments on her Instagram page but posted a black and white photo she took of the rapper who she loved dearly.