‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 5 Reunion Spoilers: Kendall Long Asks Grocery Store Joe For Another Shot

Paul HebertABC

Hearts broke all over the nation Monday night as Kendall Long and “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile called it quits during the Season 5 finale of Bachelor in Paradise. A reunion show is coming up on Tuesday night and spoilers have hinted that fans may have reason to feel hopeful about where things stand now between Kendall and Joe. A new sneak peek for Tuesday’s reunion episode has just emerged and it confirms some of the spoilers that had previously been swirling.

ET Online shares a preview from the Bachelor in Paradise reunion show. In the clip, cameras are following Kendall Long as she travels to Chicago where Joe Amabile lives to talk to him about everything. This happened at some point after filming in Mexico ended, and Kendall says in the preview that she has no idea how this conversation is going to go.

Long admits that she’s been missing her Bachelor in Paradise beau a lot and that she’s been dealing with a broken heart. Kendall shares that she has a lot she wants to say to Joe and she knows that she basically disappeared as soon as he opened up and shared his deep feelings for her.

As Kendall approaches Joe’s apartment, she’s heard saying that she’s feeling very anxious and freaked out. She’s terrified over the idea of seeing Amabile again, and Long says she feels sick as she has no idea how the conversation is going to go.

Naturally, there are cameras in Joe’s apartment waiting for Kendall’s arrival. He looks anxious and a bit flustered, and when the elevator doors open into his apartment, both Bachelor in Paradise stars look a bit anxious and unsure of how to proceed.

ABC teases that during the reunion show, one regretful woman looks for a second chance and she’ll hope for forgiveness as she’s reunited with the man she dumped. This is obviously referencing Kendall and Joe, and a preview shared by the network shows Long in the hot seat with Chris Harrison talking about all of this.

Long wipes away tears as she talks about immediately regretting the split. The Bachelor in Paradise star admits that she runs away when things are getting serious, as she lets her insecurities get in the way. Kendall says after the split, she kept replaying things in her mind and she acknowledged that letting Joe go might have meant losing the best thing that had ever happened to her.

Luckily, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that Joe apparently is open to giving Kendall a second chance and the two have been seeing one another ever since then. They aren’t engaged, and it sounds as if they’re taking things one step at a time to see where their relationship heads. Fans love Kendall Long and Joe Amabile together and are hopeful that this reunion gives them a fresh start to build on the fun relationship they initially developed in Mexico.