‘Jersey Shore’ Star Updates Fans On Son’s Developmental Struggles

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Jenni “JWoww” Farley has updated her YouTube channel with a new message for parents whose children may not be reaching the developmental milestones recommended by doctors.

Her son with Roger Mathews, Greyson Valor, has not yet reached what doctors have long-considered goals for kids at a certain age and although she remarked Greyson’s delays “keep her up at night,” she wants to use her fame platform as a way to unite and educate parents who are not only experiencing the same situation as her family but those whose children may not have these issues.

In a new video, her first in one year, Farley noted the reason she stopped making update videos for Greyson.

“The reason I stopped giving regular updates about Greyson was that he wasn’t hitting the milestones the way the pediatrician tells you,” she noted in a video uploaded to YouTube on September 10.

“He also doesn’t understand a lot of the words. I don’t call what we are going through a struggle because Greyson’s still perfect to me. But its something as a mom and a parent that I’m going through and a lot of parents are going through.”

Farley then noted that Greyson is in early intervention to help him with his speech.

“My son is in early intervention. He is speech delayed and I want to keep the conversation going. I think sharing stories is a great way to break the stigma surrounding a child that doesn’t hit developmental milestones.”

The reality star, who long had a reputation for being a party girl on the MTV series Jersey Shore during its first five seasons, has now made it her mission to educate not only herself but others surrounding childhood development.

She has debuted an email address where she invites her fans and friends to email her with any questions or information she can help with or pass along. The new email she is using is Greysonvalor@gmail.com.

“I want to answer questions, I want to spread love,” she noted in the video.

The reality star, who is also a mother to daughter Meilani, also announced that she is formulating a new series of all-natural skin care products called Naturally Woww.

Farley commented at the conclusion of her video that at the end of the day, the idea is to educate, inform, and assist as many people as she can, as well as continuing to learn and grow as a parent what is best for her son.

“I just want people and parents to not look at kids weird that are not on par with the rest of what society wants,” she stated.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays on MTV.

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