Olympic Bobsledder And Hurdler Lolo Jones Is At Her Sexiest For New York Fashion Week

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U.S. Olympic bobsledder and hurdler Lolo Jones has been the center of attention for almost her entire athletic career. She has been described as fierce, powerful, and poetry in motion as a competitor in the summer and winter games. Now that she is in the spotlight walking the runway during New York Fashion Week, those same adjectives apply, but they come with a side of sexy. While Jones has always been a stunner, whether she is crossing 100 meters of track or standing atop the hill with her fellow bobsledders, decked out in haute couture is another way she stands out.

At 36, the native of Des Moines, Iowa, is reaching the “been there, done that” stage of her athletic career. She isn’t retiring; in fact, she is gearing up for another go at the Olympic winter and summer games. It’s just that with three NCAA titles; as many trips to the Olympics, per USA Track & Field; and a host of other opportunities, most people in her shoes call it a career and move on to something new. For Jones, it seems like she is ready to try again, and to try to do it better than before if she can bounce back from injuries.

In part, that is why Jones continues modeling. The paycheck is nice for a name-brand athlete with her looks and build, but it is also about going higher than she was the last time, stepping out of her comfort zone and tackling newer and bigger challenges. While she has been sidelined athletically, modeling has provided that challenge.

Lolo’s actual name is Lori, but her mother, who is also named Lori, has called her Lolo since she was a little girl. As she got older, it became easier to go by Lolo to help clear up any confusion about who the phone was for when someone called. At least that’s the story she tells these days according to Biography. Something else that isn’t common knowledge is that Jones is also a cellist, although she says she could be better. That seems like her motivation in all things, whether it be sports, modeling, or music. She keeps pushing forward because she could be better.

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Fashion week isn’t just about the runway, it is also tons of photo shoots scattered across the city, and even beyond. While New York City is teeming with models, photographers pour in from around the world to scout talent, add to their portfolios, make contacts, and of course to shoot new ad campaigns. Jones is a session modeling veteran, with a vast portfolio for brands in several different industries. While she is known for the sexy shoot, she has done — and can still do — it all.

There is no word on who Jones is doing her session gigs for during New York Fashion Week, but by taking a peek at the photos she has shared since arriving in New York, fashion fans can probably make some good guesses. Jones has already walked the runway, and if all goes according to schedule, she will one more time before it all ends. For anyone that wants some good ideas of what she will be up to the next few days in New York, her Instagram feed is full of clues.