Ariana Grande Upset That Team Kept Mac Miller’s Death From Her As She Shot BBC Special In London

Dave Hogan for One Love ManchesterGetty Images

Apparently, Ariana Grande was not one of the first ones to find out about ex Mac Miller’s death.

As news of the rapper’s death spread like wildfire amongst the entertainment community last Friday, Ariana was performing and shooting a BBC special in London, according to Radar Online. The special included both an interview and a performance but the outlet shares that Ariana’s bosses did not want to let her know about Miller’s tragic passing during the special, partly because it was expensive to shoot and they didn’t want Grande to cancel the special midway through.

“The people involved in the show also knew, but chose to let the cameras keep rolling as they didn’t want to disrupt a very expensive set-up since they knew Ariana would probably not want to carry on if she’d been told.”

There were only a select number of people that were allowed into the special including Ariana’s crew as well as publicists. A few fans were also in attendance and while they were supposed to have their cellphones powered off during the event, some did not and reportedly wanted to interrupt Ariana during the special to tell her but the opportunity never arose.

After the show, Grande’s team broke the news to her, and while she and Mac Miller were not on the best of terms following their split, Ariana was still devastated by the shocking news. The source says that Grande “was understandably raging when she found out the news had been kept from her and gave everyone a dressing down when she’d finished crying.”

The insider also shared that Grande now thinks that England is cursed because when she’s there bad things happen. Most recently, she was obviously alerted about the death of Miller and prior to that, the infamous Manchester bombing occurred after her concert last May.

And since hearing of Miller’s death, Pete Davidson’s fiancée is reportedly not doing too hot. As the Inquisitr shared, Grande is “absolutely heartbroken” about Miller’s death and so is her family.

“Her entire family is in shock too. They all grew close to Mac during his relationship with Ari,” the source said of Miller’s death. “He was a huge part of her life, and they always shared such a special bond. She wanted nothing but positivity in Mac’s life after they broke up,” the source added.

Grande herself has yet to speak out on the death of her ex, but she has posted a photo of Miller to her Instagram account. In the caption-less snapshot, Miller is sitting in a field of grass and looking up into the camera. Thus far, the image has received over 11 million likes from Grande’s followers.