Kendall Jenner Says She Was Mean To Kylie And Her Friends As A Teen Because She Was ‘So Lonely’ Herself

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No matter how rich and famous some celebrities are… loneliness can always set in.

In a recent interview with Beats 1 Zaza World Radio, Kendall Jenner shared that her teens were not some of her best years. In the chat session, Kendall appeared alongside her sister Kylie, Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith, and Kylie’s BFF Jordyn Woods. Much of the interview focused on Kendall and how she was so lonely when she was a teen because Kylie was usually hanging out with her pals, which meant that she wasn’t hanging out with Kendall as much.

“I was so mean to them sometimes… just because they had all these friends, they were living it good and I was so lonely and in my bed by myself,” the model shared.

So, Kendall admitted that during that time, she turned to music because that was all she had.

“The one thing I have is my music and you guys can’t take this from me… it was all I had you guys, was the music — and I swear that’s why I’m so into music at this point.”

Woods says that at one point, Kendall was so mean to them that she would not even share what songs she was listening to, just out of spite.

“One story about Kendall’s music taste is that Kylie and I would always drive in her car and ask her what songs are playing and she would never give us the music,” Woods recalled.

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But luckily, the group goes on to say that Kendall’s snippy behavior only went on for about one or two months before she put an end to it. Jaden Smith also recalled that when Kendall booked her first big modeling gig with Marc Jacobs, the group eventually all meshed and got closer — which is something that Kendall said was really important to her.

“You guys were there for everything. I was going to say, we are so blessed because not everyone gets to experience it like that. We all got to do this together and it’s so beautiful and we really can’t take it for granted. Because it’s very rare and we are all so lucky.”

Even though the drama with Kylie is mostly in the past, Kendall did recently share that sometimes she just needs to vent out family problems in a group chat. As the Inquisitr shared earlier today, Kendall recently opened up about her famous family and their epic text message strings, relating the story while being hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

Kendall told The Tonight Show host that the family has a bunch of different group text strings that they use to talk about other family members behind their backs.

“We have a bunch of them because all different people are in certain ones. I was like, ‘Oh my god, do you have a group chat about me?! Do you talk about me in other group chats?'” the model recalled.

Viewers can watch all of the family drama unfold on Sunday evenings with the latest episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.