September 10, 2018
Ellen DeGeneres' Fashion Line For Walmart Makes Debut

Ellen DeGeneres has paired up with Walmart to release a fashion line, EV1, with affordable, comfortable, and inspirational garments for women, People is reporting.

Last month, as People reported at the time, Ellen, styling herself as the Chief Design Enthusiast and Comfy Content Reviewer of the new brand, announced the upcoming line. She said that comfort and affordability would be the brand's driving philosophies. But most important, she says, was her desire to make EV1 available to everybody.

"The biggest inspiration was actually inclusiveness. EV1 promotes kindness and love and diversity. We wanted it to appeal and be available to as many people as possible. Plus, it really is adorable."
To that end, EV1 products are designed to be affordable: Everything in the line costs less than $30, including the denim "love" jacket ($28) and the relaxed-fit jean ($24).
"It's comfortable and relaxed and goes well with anything, like a fine wine or a great talk show host."
Many of the items sport inspirational messages, such as the collection of tees that contain hearts, the word "Love" in various iterations, and other messages of kindness and inspiration.

Comfort was also a driving force in the designs. The jeans, for example, have just the right amount of stretch and "that perfect cupping of the bottom region."

"The whole point of the EV1 line is that it is for everyone. Everyone deserves to look nice and have access to the latest trends and that goes for every size and every budget."
Meanwhile, according to Us Magazine, a holiday collection will be coming out in early December.
"We'll be adding new denim styles as well as pieces that would be perfect for holiday parties – or brunch if you feel like it. Who am I to say you can't wear sequins and eat waffles?"
Ellen's EV1 merchandise is available now online at, with a more limited selection available in stores.

Ellen's EV1 fashion line is the latest of Ellen's several business ventures, allowing the talk-show host a physical, if metaphorical, presence in their homes.

For as long as she's had a show, for example, she's had a shop where you can buy Ellen DeGeneres Show-branded merchandise, such as T-shirts, bobble-head figurines, socks, and so on, as well as her own line of underwear. She's also partnered with the World Wildlife Fund, selling animal toys with portions of the profits being donated to conservation efforts.

She also has a line of home goods - ED By Ellen - which includes bedding, furniture, bath goods, pet goods, dinnerware, and the like.