Jamie Oliver Confronts Burglar Attempting To Break Into His London Home

John PhillipsGetty Images

Chef Jamie Oliver might seem like a laid-back guy — just don’t threaten his family. Oliver caught a man attempting to break into his London home, and didn’t just scare him off, but chased him down and held him for police. There has been a rash of robberies in the Highgate neighborhood, and several celebrity homes have been targeted.

As PageSix reports, Oliver heard what he thought was a commotion coming from a neighbor’s house, and he ended up thwarting a burglary of his own home.

“Jamie was alerted to something wrong when he heard a massive commotion coming from his neighbor’s house. He was set to investigate but before he knew it, he was face to face with the burglar himself as he tried to smash his way into his house as well.”

The Naked Chef caught the man red-handed and gave chase.

“Jamie went absolutely mad,” and ran after the would-be robber as he tried to get away from Oliver. Luckily, the chef got some help along the way.

“He was then joined by his driver and a handful of ­neighbors who helped him hold down the burglar until police arrived to arrest him. As well as protecting his family, he is very community spirited and cares just as much for the welfare of his neighbors as well. That’s probably why he leapt into action.”

Oliver, who is a father of 5, didn’t give it a second thought before reacting to the noises next door. A spokesman for Scotland Yard confirmed that an “aggressive male” was taken into custody following the event at Jamie Oliver’s residence.

The Mirror confirmed that Oliver’s neighbors are grateful that the celebrity chef was home and took action. Sources say that while Oliver gave chase, someone else called 999 to alert police to the ruckus.

“It was just a brave, selfless thing to do. Despite the clearly very hairy situation, Jamie was laughing and joking with the coppers saying they’d done a great job to arrive so quickly after the 999 call.”

Oliver reportedly didn’t expect to confront a burglar, but he heard a noise and it was his instinct to protect his family.

“It was understandably very scary as Jamie was with the whole family in his house at the time.”

Police sources believe that the man under arrest is the same person who recently tried to gain entry to another Highgate home belonging to model Kate Moss.