Princess Eugenie Incites More Anger As Details Of A Two-Day, 850-Guest Wedding Is Revealed

Princess Eugenie wants a big wedding. A really big one. And who can blame her? It’s her special day. But as Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s October wedding date approaches, the public is starting to become more leery of the occasion. It all started in late August when Eugenie irritated taxpayers after reports revealed that over $2.5 million would be billed to British citizens. The cost is believed to be associated with security, which is astronomically high due to the princess’ wish for an open-top carriage ride and the glitzy guest list, according to the Inquisitr.

But now, as more information is revealed about Eugenie’s plans, it’s looking like people are getting angrier rather than more excited for her wedding. It turns out that the couple has hired a high-end wedding planner, Peregrine Armstrong-Jones, for a two-day bash. Additional festivities will include a post-wedding lunch hosted by the queen at Royal Lodge, and an A-list afternoon party by Bentleys Entertainment. A source revealed that the party will include amusement rides and drinks, according to Hello Magazine.

Also, Eugenie and Jack have invited a whopping 850 guests to the ceremony, which is 50 more guests than the seating capacity at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, detailed the Mirror. And just for comparison’s sake, there were 600 guests invited to Meghan and Harry’s ceremony. A source even said that the couple hopes some people won’t show up because there’s not enough seating for them, although staff are expected to set up additional seats somewhere in the chapel.

One of the harshest critics of Eugenie’s wedding has been the Labour MP for Derby North, Chris Williamson.

“Who’s heard of Princess Eugenie anyway? She carries out no royal functions, no useful purpose to the public sphere and yet we’re having to spend this kind of money.”

Even Eugenie doesn’t define her role very clearly.

“We want to show people who we are as working, young, royal women, but also not to be afraid of putting ourselves out there,” she said.

Plus, people can’t help but make comparisons to Meghan and Harry’s wedding, which took place in May. Their wedding only lasted a day and involved fewer guests. Plus, the two are responsible for many royal duties, so the public was more than supportive of their royal wedding.

One source even made this comment, detailed the Daily Beast.

“Everything to do with the Yorks is a miscalculation. Why would she want a public dimension to her wedding anyway?”

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