Elle Macpherson Shares Her Beauty Secrets For Glowing Skin

Mark MetcalfeGetty Images

Legendary supermodel Elle Macpherson has been modeling for decades, and is still in demand on the runway and in print. The leggy Australian also reps her own intimates line, and models the lingerie and swimsuits herself.

The Daily Mail says that now Macpherson is letting everyone in on some of her everyday beauty secrets for glowing skin. The model now also writes a monthly beauty blog called Get The Gloss, in which she shares her beauty tips which include taking two showers first thing every morning.

“I start by dry brushing my body starting from the feet and working up towards my heart. Then take hot and cold showers to encourage circulation. I love using our limited edition WelleCo Japanese Green Tea Salt Scrub in the shower followed by an all-over moisturizer using products by Natura Bissé. I use Lost Explorer skin products too. The range is 100 percent natural and beautifully curated.”

Macpherson said that people also think getting enough sleep is overrated, but she now knows that it’s a critical part of looking good. She also thinks that when possible, you should let your body wake up naturally without an alarm clock.

“I use to believe that I could survive on a few hours’ sleep. I now aim for at least seven hours per night. I have learned the importance of sleep — to wake up and be able to concentrate on and approach the day ahead efficiently and effectively.”

The supermodel says that she has herbal tea daily, and prefers a sleep blend before bed that includes the herb Valerian.

“For me, the secret to becoming a morning person starts with prep the night before. At night, I do yoga and have a Sleep Welle Calming Tea formulated with valerian, skullcap and hops to calm the body and mind. It is my ritual. I try to get at least seven hours sleep then start my day as holistically as possible.”

Though Macpherson looks like she must live in the gym, instead she prefers the daily practice of meditation.

“Instead of hitting the gym, I start my morning with meditation, resist looking at screens and instead focus on absolute stillness. It’s become an essential morning practice. I find it sets me up for the day and makes me feel balanced and connected.”

The mother-of-two says that she pays as much attention as to what she puts in her body as on her body, and she makes a smoothie every day with greens and an avocado. She calls these beauty tips her “non-negotiables.”