A Royal Wedding For Princess Eugenie Is Being Questioned By The British Public Due To Cost

Chris JacksonGetty Images

A year with two royal weddings is unusual, but reportedly some are questioning whether the October wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank should be an actual royal wedding. Princess Eugenie has no official role in the royal family and the public seems suspicious about the dollar figure they are being given for the big day, which has somehow become bigger than that of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, at least in terms of the number of guests.

The Daily Beast is asking whether anyone will turn out to line the streets of Windsor to watch Princess Eugenie’s procession in October, which tends to be cool and rainy as opposed to warm and sunny like the day of Meghan Markle’s fête.

“Which begs the question: who on earth thought it was a good idea for minor royal Princess Eugenie—the Queen’s granddaughter and daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson—to copy the carriage ride of Meghan and Harry’s nuptials when she weds her boyfriend, former barman Jack Brooksbank, on October 12 this year?”

Many people were already raising an eyebrow at the fact that this event was being called a “royal wedding” and that Princess Eugenie was using the same church that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan chose for their nuptials.

But when it was announced that the princess wanted to take a ride around town in the same carriage that Meghan chose, some were incredulous.

“But that turned to astonishment when it was announced she was also planning to have an open-top carriage ride round Windsor—in the same carriage (although along a shorter route) as Harry and Meghan.”

The anti-monarchy group Republic are also questioning the dollar, or pound figure they are being given for the wedding or at least the amount that is being charged to the British public, and that is £2 million. This is sounding sketchy, according to Republic article, because a wedding in the same location for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex cost £35 million.

Republic says that these figures are not the cost of the events but the cost of security for the events, which makes the number sound even more impractical. They believe that the royal family cannot be trusted to give a full accounting of any gathering.

“The royals have shown time and time again that they can’t keep their royal wedding spending in check. Republic is calling on the government to publish a report of all costs to taxpayers so we know exactly how our money is being spent.”