iPad Pro 2018: Apple’s Flagship Tablets Would Likely Dump The Home Button In Favor Of Face ID

Apple’s tablet business might not be as dominant as it was before, but it doesn’t mean that the company’s flagship iPad Pro series will be neglected this year. Reports and leaks about the upcoming tablets point to devices that are heavily redesigned, from an entirely revamped frame and a bezel-less display that’s nothing short of stunning.

The Cupertino-based tech giant has already unveiled an iPad earlier this year, though that device was aimed primarily at entry-level users. For power users who value portability, a touch interface, and raw power, the iPad Pro series hits the perfect spot. Apple currently offers two sizes for the iPad Pro, a 12.9-inch large model, and a 10.5-inch variant that features slimmer bezels than the first-generation iPad Pros.

As noted in a CultOfMac report, this year would likely see a vast redesign of the iPad Pro series. Among these are slimmer bezels and a frame that is a bit boxier than the outgoing models. Perhaps most notable, were reports stating that Apple would retire its Home Button on the device, replacing it with a Face ID sensor instead. The first signs of the iconic button’s departure came after a code was discovered inside iOS 12. Just like the iPhones, the 2018 iPad Pros will likely also forego headphone jacks, spelling yet another line of Apple products that would abandon the legacy feature. Quite interestingly, the Smart Connector to this year’s iPad Pros appears to be installed right above the Lightning Port, suggesting that the device would likely be meant to be used in Portrait Mode most of the time.

Considering their bezel-less design, there is a good chance that the 2018 iPad Pros would feature a slightly smaller frame than its predecessors. This has been particularly highlighted in rumors stating that this year’s iPad Pros would be a bit smaller than last year’s. Those with accessories for past iPad Pros need not fear, however, as speculations are high that the 2018 devices would be fully compatible with accessories that were released for the first and second-generation iPad Pros.

As noted in a CNBC report, the iPad Pros would likely be equipped with Apple’s homegrown A12X processor, which should provide a much faster performance to the tablet despite using a significantly smaller amount of power. Other specs, such as the device’s 4GB of RAM, are likely to remain the same as well. Apart from this, rumors also point to the addition of fast charging for the flagship tablet. So far, Apple’s 2017 iPad Pro units already support 18W chargers, but the company only ships the tablets themselves with a 12W charger. According to rumors, this might not be the case this year.