Why Dellin Betances Can’t Stop Bleeding And What It Means For The Yankees

Yankee reliever Dellin Betances has been dealing with a bloody ring finger that he cut only a week or so ago, and whenever he takes the ball, it starts bleeding again. While there have been some concerns that the cut isn’t healing faster, the Yankees haven’t given him a break long enough to stop re-aggravating the injury. Whether it is in a game, a bullpen session, or long tossing to stay loose, the cut opens back up and starts seeping a fairly copious amount of blood for such a small injury.

Part of the problem is the specific location o the cut being on a pressure point for the grip used in some of Betance’s pitches according to NJ Advance Media. While the Yankees would have likely shut him down for a week to 10 days earlier in the season, in the final month when they are trying to secure home-field advantage in the wild-card standings, he is too valuable to lose. The Yankees have had problems with the pitching staff all year, and without closer Aroldis Chapman back from the disabled list yet, the Yankees need all the effective arms they can get for the back-end of the game.

Betances stated that there is actually no pain when the cut reopens starts bleeding, but it poses a problem gripping pitches because the ball gets slippery. He maintains that he will have time to let it heal better eventually, but that right now, the team needs him ready to go every game.

“I was good for about three weeks and then I got myself pretty good, I think it was probably three or four games ago. And now I’ve been getting myself every game. Just a matter of hopefully letting that heal. I’ve been trying to do a lot of stuff but it’s just one of those annoying things.”

Despite some control issues, as displayed in a 4-2 win against the Mariners where Betances hit Robinson Cano with a slider that got away from him and then walked the next batter looking for the strike zone, Betances has been solid. He is still getting outs, going a full inning or more as needed, and serving as an effective platoon closer while the Yankees await Chapman to return. While wiping away the blood on his hands and the ball may not be the best way to deal with the issue, right now it is working and Betances is getting his outs.

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