Rob Gronkowski’s Girlfriend Camille Kostek Imitates His Touchdown Dance, And Hers Is Way Sexier

Cindy OrdGetty Images

Rob Gronkowski’s girlfriend Camille Kostek is definitely on her A-game when it comes to her Instagram page. She’s been posting tons of amazing photos of herself, either from modeling gigs or from trips to exotic and tropical places. Her latest Instagram video, however, pokes fun at her boyfriend Rob. She stitched together a video of Rob’s touchdown dance and herself imitating it while wearing a shirt with his name and number. While Rob’s dance looks a bit silly (and what touchdown dance doesn’t?), Camille’s imitation actually looks like a real dance move. She’s meaning it to be a funny jab at Rob, and fans loved it. One user said “KING AND QUEEN” while others said it was “cute.” Some fans joked that Camille was the one that taught him the dance move that inspired his touchdown celebration.

Gronkowski was the center of much speculation during the offseason, as there were rumors that he was going to be traded or that he might retire. New information that has surfaced, however, revealed that Rob threatened to retire in order to avoid being traded. Apparently, he said that he would opt to retire rather than move on to a different team, according to the Washington Post. Luckily, the tactic worked, as he signed a reworked contract with the New England Patriots.

Camille’s all about her dancing lately. She posted a video a few hours ago of herself at a New York Fashion Week Party while wearing a black jumpsuit with white accents. Also just four days ago, Camille posted another video of herself dancing on a hotel balcony wearing a green crop top and white leggings. The second video was captioned “Irish step x cardi b” and her friend couldn’t help but laugh at her moves, saying “You look like an Irish stripper dancer…meets Cardi B.” Kostek started off with some classical ballet moves, but finished it off with some twerking, so that’s a good description.

Even though Camille is super open with her fans about her daily life these days, she wasn’t always so eager to share information about herself. This is what she said during an interview about the SISwimSearch, according to Sports Illustrated.

“At first I was kind of hesitant to do the whole ‘sharing my life on Instagram’ type of thing. It’s kind of crazy with the world of social media now and how Instagram works.”

Thanks to her success so far with SI, it looks like Camille is ready to let her fans in the know.