Ashlee Simpson And Evan Ross Reveal How They First Met In New Clip From Their Upcoming Reality Series

Vivien KillileaGetty Images

Ashlee Simpson-Ross is all grown up and no longer living in the shadows of her famous, popstar sister, Jessica Simpson. The mother-of-two is now happily married, and she and her husband, Evan Ross, are getting ready to debut their new reality TV series, Ashlee + Evan. In a clip of the premiere episode, the couple shares how they first met, as reported by Entertainment Tonight.

At 33-years-old, Simpson is living her life, as she and Ross prepare to share their lives with the world. In a sneak peek of their upcoming reality show, the couple, who have been married for four years now, reveal all the juicy details of how they first met at a mutual friend’s birthday bash.

“Evan walked in and he was really cute. You were really cute. It was like who is this mystical man?” Simpson said.

Ross, 30, joins the conversation by explaining how his wife tired to prove she was a better dancer than him.

“You tried to dance with me. You were lifting your leg up and stuff, trying to show me that you dance better than me, I think. I was like, ‘Oh my goodness. What’s happening right now?'” he said.

After a little making out and some innocent “dry humping,” to which Ross proclaimed, “I put my best work in,” Simpson called it a night and left the party without him.

However, it wasn’t long until the two were reunited and officially began dating in 2013 and married in August, 2014.

“You definitely had a fun, young, bad boy side about you, but I feel like when we actually got together, though, you really shocked me and impressed me,” Simpson gushed.

Prior to her relationship with Ross, who is the son of famed singer Diana Ross, Simpson was married to Fall Out Boy band member Pete Wentz. The former couple got married in 2008 and ultimately ended their marriage in 2011. While they are no longer together, they both co-parent their 9-year-old son, Bronx Mowgli.

Shortly after Simpson and Ross wed, the couple announced they were expecting their first child together and are now the proud parents to their 3-year-old daughter, Jagger Snow.

While Simpson’s life definitely seems to be happy as a wife and mother, it doesn’t mean she’s left her musical aspirations behind her. She and Ross released their first single together titled, “I Do,” on Friday.

Despite the duo’s busy lives, they told the media outlet back in June that having more children is definitely on the table.

“Definitely more kids in the future. Well, a kid, another kid,” Simpson said at the time.

“I want five more, she said one more,” Ross added.

Ashlee + Evan premieres on Sunday at 10 p.m. on the E! Network and fans can watch the cute clip below.