Brooke Burke Flaunts Stomach Bricks In Workout Video

Brooke Burke offered fitness inspiration to her social media followers by posting a workout video on Instagram that spotlighted her enviable abs.

In the video clip, the 47-year-old mom-of-four works her hips and glutes on an exercise mat while wearing a black exercise bra and matching black workout tights.

Burke, who teaches exercise classes several days a week in her hometown of Malibu, California, worked out with a friend while offering tips on how to get the right technique for leg lifts.

Burke, who is going through a divorce from former Baywatch star David Charvet, has re-dedicated herself to expanding her fitness empire.

While Brooke has not spoken publicly about her divorce, the brunette beauty said she exercises daily to ward off depression and ease her anxiety.

‘Push Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone’

Brooke said looking back on her evolution as a fitness guru, she is pleasantly surprised to discover how much she has grown emotionally and spiritually along the way.

“What’s really surprised me in the last years of my commitment to health and wellness is how much I’ve grown,” Burke told People. “When you push yourself out of your comfort zone, all kinds of things come up.”

Like most fitness experts, Brooke says exercise is the fountain of youth.

Burke said she maintains her age-defying bikini body by lifting light weights, doing body-sculpting calisthenics, fat-blasting cardio exercise, yoga, and Pilates.

In December, 2012, Brooke underwent thyroid surgery to remove a benign tumor in her throat. Burke said working out regularly helped her recover from her cancer scare, as the Inquisitr previously reported.

Brooke Burke said her diet secrets include never skipping meals and sticking to a nutrient-dense Mediterranean-style diet that emphasizes healthy fats, lots of vegetables, and high-quality proteins such as grilled fish and roasted chicken.

“I avoid all the packaged stuff and refined sugars and bad fats, but I promise you I eat,” Burke told Better Nutrition. “I eat olive oil. I eat avocados. I drink wine. On Sunday nights I’ll make pasta and enjoy it with no guilt, and then I’ll get back on my program.”

Brooke said eating well and staying active should be part of your daily lifestyle, and not something extreme you do in order to fit into a bikini or lose 10 pounds in a week.

“We’re so stuck on these extreme diets, but I believe it’s easier to just develop a lifestyle of health and wellness all-year long,” Burke said.