LeBron James And Kevin Durant Rap Song, ‘It Ain’t Easy,’ From 2011 Leaks To The Internet

Gregory ShamusGetty Images

When most people hear the names LeBron James and Kevin Durant, it is exceedingly unlikely that the first thought that comes to mind is rap artistry, instead focusing on both men’s meteoric basketball careers. Now, according to Slate, a long-buried rap single produced by both ballers has hit the scene via a Soundcloud leak.

During the 2011 NBA lockout, an event which saw pent-up players looking for a little action seeking new avenues of expression, LeBron James and Kevin Durant decided to channel that energy into producing a rap song together. Finding their voices in a Cleveland studio setting, and being guided by Ohio producer Franky Wahoo and STEWBILLIONAIRE — the former being the source of this recent leak in the first place — the two basketball superstars cut a sick rap track that borrows from both 1980s and 1990s hip hop sensibilities.

Thus, “It Ain’t Easy” was born, being buried for the better part of a decade before being unearthed.

A simple, smooth guitar lick plays on top the beat, looping ad infinitum, complete with fret noise. A thick, measured bassline blends in overtop early on in the song’s runtime, bouncing up and down before being joined by a simple drum track that doesn’t seek to overpower the lyrical content.