Galaxy S10: Samsung’s 2019 Flagship Could Feature A 5G Modem

It is difficult to deny that Samsung kind of missed its mark with the Galaxy S9. Even the Galaxy Note 9, with all its bells and whistles, is currently at risk of being overshadowed by Apple’s upcoming 2018 iPhone trio. This leaves Samsung with the Galaxy S10, its first flagship for 2019 and a device that has the potential to boost the tech giant towards the top of the smartphone market in a single bound.

The rumors about the Galaxy S10 are very encouraging. Speculations are abounding that Samsung is going all-in on the upcoming device, even equipping the Galaxy S10+, the largest handset out of the three, with an S-Pen from the possibly discontinued Note series. Apart from this, reports have also emerged stating that Samsung is looking to roll out in-screen fingerprint scanners for all the variants of the Galaxy S10, including the more affordable Galaxy S10 Lite, which is set to go head-to-head with Apple’s 6.1-inch LCD iPhone.

Now, new rumors have emerged about the Galaxy S10, and they are just as encouraging. According to a Forbes report, recent information from prominent mobile tech leaker group Ice Universe indicates that Samsung could equip the Galaxy S10+ with 5G capability. This would make the S10 arguably the most advanced smartphone on the market, far outgunning the connectivity capabilities of its main rival, the iPhone XS Max.

It is not all good news, however. According to a Wccftech report, the 5G-compatible Galaxy S10 would likely be limited to specific regions such as South Korea. Thus, while the 5G-compatible Galaxy S10+ would likely be the most impressive smartphone in the market when it does see a release, there is a good chance that only a select number of buyers would actually be able to enjoy the device’s future-proof features.

Samsung, after all, has adopted similar strategies in the past. Apart from releasing usually-faster Exynos-equipped flagships in its home country of South Korea, Samsung is also prone to releasing devices with superior specs to specifically targeted regions. The company did this with the Galaxy Tab S4, which had a 6GB RAM variant for some areas and a 4GB RAM version for regions like the United States.

This does not mean that the Galaxy S10+ that would come to U.S. shores would be underwhelming, however. Just like its previous devices, even inferior-specced smartphones that belong to the flagship line are usually equipped with powerful internals that is superior to other premium devices in the mobile market.

The Galaxy S10 is expected to be released in early 2019.

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