‘Big Brother 20’s’ Scottie Salton Says He ‘May Have Flipped Off’ The Other Houseguests On His Way Out The Door

Monty BrintonCBS

Scottie Salton’s second eviction from Big Brother ended much differently than his first one two weeks earlier. The 26-year-old shipping manager from Chicago delivered a shocking eviction speech on Thursday’s live show, taking a vulgar pot shot at Head of Household Tyler Crispen before bolting out the door with the parting words, “Peace out, Girl Scouts!”

In a post-eviction interview with Parade, Salton explained his off-the-wall speech and raunchy remarks—which were censored, in part, by CBS—in which he told the rest of the cast to “suck” it. Salton even revealed that he flipped off his former housemates on the way out of the Big Brother house.

“I just wanted them to all be well aware that they could suck it,” Salton explained.

As for his hasty goodbye in which only Haleigh Broucher got a hug, Salton told Parade he doesn’t remember saying anything to anyone else as he hightailed it out the door.

“I don’t remember saying anything. I may have flipped them off. I actually don’t remember saying anything.”

Indeed, after Scottie Salton bolted out the Big Brother 20 door and into the CBS studio to chat with host Julie Chen, some of the other houseguests were heard saying they thought he flipped them off.

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Salton also revealed to Parade that while HOH Tyler Crispen assured him he was safe and that Haleigh was the target, he knew the jig was up by the end of last weekend. Salton also admitted that he did little to try to save himself from his inevitable second eviction.

“I would say my campaigning skills are relatively weak,” Salton said. “I can’t bring myself to go to the HoH room and suck up. It is less [that] I think I’m bad at it, but if I were to do a good job, I would feel like slime.”

Scottie Salton’s short-lived victory back into the Big Brother house after winning last week’s Jury Battle Back definitely ended on a surprising note. While he initially planned to cozy up to Crispen, that idea never panned out. In the hours following his second eviction, Scottie has been vocal about the fact that he thinks Tyler Crispen is a coward who only does what the rest of the house wants him to do.

Of that bleeped-out eviction speech, which will surely go down in Big Brother history, Scottie told Entertainment Tonight Canada, “I said what I said because I wanted them all to know that they could suck it. At the beginning of the year, I said Tyler was a coward and I think that even more so now.”

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