Jennifer Garner Shows Off Ripped Body In Sports Bra And Shorts To Promote Movie ‘Peppermint’

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Jennifer Garner sure knows how to get fans to go and see her upcoming film, Peppermint. Earlier today, the mother-of-three shared a video of herself as she channeled her inner boxer. The video is fittingly set to the theme from Rocky and shows a ripped Garner walking out into what appears to be a hotel room.

Garner enters the frame in a black sports bra along with a pair of short white boxing shorts. The 46-year-old is also rocking a pair of black boots as she flexes for the camera and shows off her toned arms, abs, and legs. In the caption, Garner urges fans to go and see her upcoming film, Peppermint, as it premieres tonight.

So far, the video has already received a ton of attention from Garner’s 2 million-plus fans with 408,000 views in addition to 1,900 comments. Some fans couldn’t help but comment on how amazing Garner looks, while countless others chimed in to let the actress know that they will definitely be seeing the upcoming movie.

“Awesome shape and can’t wait to see #PEPPERMINT.”

“YAAAASSSSS GIRL!!!! You go!! You rocked it in Alias and I’m positive you rocked the house with Peppermint!!! You’re amazing,” another wrote.

“You’re so strong & so adorable!! Love you & can’t wait to see your new movie,” one more chimed in.

This week, Jen has been giving fans behind-the-scenes sneak peeks at the training and the stunt work that went into filming the movie. As many fans know, Garner put in a lot of work at the gym for her role in the film, where she plays the role of a young mother who is looking to take revenge on her enemies.

In April, Garner chatted with People, where she shared secrets from her workout routine, saying that she did a lot of boxing and martial arts to prep for the role.

“It actually felt really good. I was in pretty good shape going into it.”

“Everyone gets very invested and are you going to actually look the way we want you to look,” Garner said. “I don’t know if I did, but I just always followed what felt right to me.”

And in addition to boxing and martial arts, Garner told the publication that she also did an hour workout with “Body By Simone,” as well as 90 minutes of “stunt team” most days.

This is the first action movie that Garner has starred in since her role in the hit TV show, Alias. Garner decided that she wanted to take part in this film because she really liked the script.

“To do action for the sake of action has never interested me but this script was so smart. There’s no bigger stake than your children and nobody had never asked me in a smart way to do something as a mom for her child.”

Peppermint hits theaters today.