WWE News: Bully Ray Says That Daniel Bryan Really Wishes He Could Have Been At ‘All In’


This past weekend in Chicago, dozens and dozens of wrestlers took part in one of the biggest independent events of all time at All In, and it most certainly didn’t disappoint. So many big names from the indy scene, as well as some formerly in WWE, TNA, NJPW, and other promotions, were there to make it an amazing event. Bully Ray was there and competed in All In, and he’s very sure that Daniel Bryan wishes he could have been there too.

Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks put together an event that brought in some of the biggest names in all of professional wrestling. The matches were great and the fans absolutely loved everything that went on before their very eyes.

Many of those who performed at the show said that it brought forth everything that is great about the independent wrestling scene all in one place.

Bully Ray was there and he took part in the “Over Budget Battle Royal” where the winner got a shot at Ring of Honor World Champion Lay Lethal later in the night. Bully appeared to win the match until Flip Gordon hopped in the ring to unmask and dump him out for the victory.

It was a great night all around, but would Daniel Bryan have really wanted to be there?

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Featured image credit: Impact Wrestling

On a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray discussed All In and even compared it to the greatness of ECW One Night Sand back in 2005. He said it had the talent in the ring and the fan reactions that wrestlers dream of having from the crowd, but there were a few who just weren’t there or couldn’t participate.

Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract was officially set to expire on Sept. 1, 2018, and that just so happened to be the same day as All In. He had come to an agreement with WWE before it expired, though, and he has since signed a new multi-year deal with the company.

As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., Bully Ray said that if Bryan could have been at All In, he certainly would have loved it and he really wanted to do it.

“Deep down in his heart of hearts, Daniel Bryan wishes he could have been on that show. Those are the type of shows that wrestlers like Daniel Bryan pray that they can be a part of because that’s what they came up on.”

All In is basically a ROH-esque show. So a guy like Daniel Bryan who started in ROH, that’s the type of show he wants to be on. Guys like AJ and Joe, anybody who came from that type of atmosphere would have loved to be there.”

Over the course of the past year or two, Daniel Bryan had made some comments in interviews or on Twitter which led many to believe he may return to the independent scene one day. Then, WWE cleared him to return to in-ring action and it changed the entire landscape of everything. While All In was an extraordinary success, Bully Ray believes Daniel Bryan would have loved to been there, but the fans also would have loved seeing him on the show as well.