Paul McCartney Mends Fences With Yoko Ono, Says ‘I Respect Her’ To Howard Stern

Paul McCartney revealed in an interview with Howard Stern that although he mended fences with Yoko Ono years ago, he revealed he now “respects her” for the way she loved his longtime singing and songwriting partner.

The SternSiruisXM show was quite a revealing listen for Beatles fans, who eagerly anticipated what McCartney would bring to the table for the interview.

The 90-minute chat encompassed much of McCartney’s days with the Beatles, touched on his new tour, and the legendary singer’s latest release, Egypt Station.

Perhaps the most surprising tidbit of information was when McCartney, who found himself in a war of words with John Lennon and Yoko Ono after the breakup of the Beatles, acknowledged that Ono ended up being the right person for his pal.

“Even though we thought she was intrusive because she used to sit in on the recording sessions and we’d never had anything like that. But looking back on it, you think, ‘The guy was totally in love with her. And you’ve just got to respect that.’ So we did. And I do,” he recalled.

“John loved strong women. His mother was strong, his auntie was strong, Yoko was strong. He wanted to be the type of guy who stayed at home with a pipe and slippers,” he remarked of his late friend.

McCartney also spoke about his new tour called “Freshen Up,” that will begin in Canada this year but won’t make it to the U.S. shores until next summer.

The singer’s new album, Egypt Station, scored its title from one of his paintings.

“I did a painting that kind of had Egyptian-y stuff in it because I like Egyptian [writing],” he explained.

He also detailed a funny story about his musician father James sharing his thoughts on one of the biggest Beatles hit “She Loves You.”

“Your dad said, ‘Forget “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Do yes, yes, yes,” said Stern and McCartney said that was true.

“He had the musical ability but he didn’t have the hip ability,” McCartney explained.

“Did you even consider it for a second?” Stern asked. “No-o-o-o,” McCartney replied.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all was when McCartney revealed that director Franco Zeffirelli wanted him to play Romeo in his film Romeo and Juliet. He called the offer “flattering,” but turned it down, knowing he wasn’t really an actor and didn’t want to take on such a difficult role.

Paul McCartney’s latest album Egypt Station is available now.

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