‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 3 Spoilers: Evil Cumber Transforms Into Great Ape, Defeats Vegito SSJ Blue

Dash ToriyamaFlickr/Cropped and Resized

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3, which is currently available on Chia-Anime, featured the continuation of the battle between Son Goku and Vegeta versus the Evil Saiyan named Cumber. After witnessing the enemy’s power, Son Goku and Vegeta decided to fuse into Vegito using the Potara earrings. Cumber easily defeated Trunks and tried to kill him with an energy ball.

Luckily, Vegito came to save him. He transformed into Super Saiyan Blue and engaged in a one-on-one fight with the enemy. Despite being in his base form, Cumber managed to overwhelm Vegito with his power. Seeing that their power was not enough to beat the enemy, Vegito combined Super Saiyan Blue with Kaio-Ken. While Cumber and Vegito are fighting, Fu is watching from his headquarter and expressing a huge amusement with the incredible power of the two Saiyans.

Golden Cooler is personally witnessing the epic fight. As the two Saiyans continue to level up their power, Golden Cooler noticed that the chains surrounding the Prison Planet are starting to break. Cumber once again created a huge energy ball, and Vegito decided to fight back using Final Kamehameha. Vegito’s attack proved to be more powerful than Cumber’s, but the enemy managed to avoid damage by launching another Ki blasts.

Cumber realized that Vegito is not an ordinary opponent. The Evil Saiyan decided to take the fight more seriously and vowed to bury Vegito using his own hands as a sign of respect. Cumber threw a Ki blast in the shape of a ball up in the air. Upon seeing the enemy’s action, Vegito already has an idea what Cumber is planning to do.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 3 featured Cumber transforming into a Great Ape with the help of the artificial moon he created. Despite his unusual aura, Cumber possessed all the abilities and characteristics of a Saiyan. However, his Great Ape transformation was different from a normal Saiyan since the color of his hair is golden brown.

Son Goku and Vegeta no longer have the ability to transform into Great Ape since they have cut off their tails. With just one attack, the Great Ape Cumber completely defeated Vegito. Also, Vegito already reached the time limit of the Potara fusion and split into Son Goku and Vegeta. Golden Frieza was amazed at the power of the Great Ape and called him a monster.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 is expected to reveal how Son Goku and Vegeta will fight the Great Ape Cumber. It will also show if Cumber has full control of the power of the Great Ape or he is just a mindless monster going on a rampage.