Emily Ratajkowski Rocks Low-Rise Scrubs And High-Cut Crop Top As She Shows Off Flat Abs On Instagram

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Emily Ratajkowski, the 27-year-old actress and model, frequently thrills her 19.4 million Instagram followers with her sometime suggestive and, as seen in The Inquisitr, scantily-clad snaps. But a photo she posted to her Instagram account on Thursday not only skated on the edge of becoming an X-rated wardrobe malfunction, it also had her fans concerned for a different reason.

In the new Instagram photo, the I Feel Pretty star sports sea-blue hospital scrubs tied at the waist. the baggy, cotton leggings hang well below Ratajkowski’s waist, giving her followers a full look at her toned midriff.

In the photo, she also wears a cropped T-shirt, topped off by a green baseball cap with the slogan, “Livin’ Cool.” But the focus of the shot is Ratajkowski’s exposed midsection which appears so flat and barrow that many fans commented that they were not sure what they were seeing was a healthy appearance for the star.


The extreme lack of any fat at all on her midsection appeared to be a main cause of concern for the fans who commented on the Instagram photo.

“Do you here (sic) that? Her stomach is growling,” one wrote, while another “fan” instructed Ratajkowski to “Go eat a Big Mac.”

“I feel like I can give you a bear hug with one arm,” said another commenter, taken aback by Ratajkowski’s rope-thin appearance. Another wrote, “No! eat food girl!”

But Ratajkowski also had her defenders among her Instagram commenters.

“Guys, in every other picture she looks healthy and great. This is probably just a bad angle, she still looks great of course but the negativity is just so unnecessary though,” wrote one, who leapt in to have the DKNY model’s back. “If you don’t like how she looks or thinks she’s too thin, simply don’t look at her.”

Also on Thursday, Ratajkowski posted what she called a “moving selfie,” a mini movie of herself — specifically, her face — that she cross-posted to her Twitter account.

The Instagram photo could not have been entirely unpopular, however. The crop-top shot racked up nearly 664,000 “likes” in just the first eight hours that it was posted on Instagram.