Justin Bieber Smoking Weed: New Marijuana Blunt Photo Rumors

Again, we have Justin Bieber smoking weed. The singer started the new year by growing a reputation as an alleged pothead. This time we have more photos of Just Bieber allegedly holding a cannabis blunt.

According to TMZ, the new photos are real and definitely show Justin Bieber smoking weed. The photos show “18-year-old Justin and his bud Lil Za casually passing the weed-filled stogie back and forth while hanging outside of an L.A. home” this Thursday. The new Justin Bieber marijuana photos are currently being shopped around to media outlets, so it can’t be too long before they’ll be out in the wild.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Justin Bieber’s Ferrari was pulled over by police on Friday morning. The kicker is that the driver was not Justin Bieber but his friend Lil Za, who was detained for driving without a license. Lil Za is also the person who was spotted smoking weed with Justin Bieber the day before.

If anything these events are like deja vu. Justin Bieber was previously caught smoking weed with another rapper pal named Lil Twist, who also borrowed Justin Bieber’s Ferrari and ended up getting a paparazzi photographer killed in the process. It sounds like Justin Bieber needs to be more careful who he lets borrow his sports cars because this is starting to sound like a developing trend.

The Huffington Post points that “while being caught with a little joint doesn’t really seem scandalous at all since it’s totally legal to smoke weed in California with a prescription, Bieber still runs the risk of being seen as a bad role model for his legions of younger fans.” While it’s uncertain whether or not Justin Bieber has obtained a prescription for legalized medical marijuana, this topic is sure to be controversial since some people feel they are morally justified in breaking a purportedly unjust law.


What do you think about Justin Bieber smoking weed?