Ariana Grande Shows Jimmy Fallon How Her Ponytail Has A Mind Of Its Own

While Ariana Grande's hair frequently shifts from red to brown to blonde, she always styles it in a very signature and familiar look. In fact, a high and tight ponytail on top of a celebrity or model's head is often referred to as the "Ariana Grande hairstyle."

In a fun sketch during Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show – which can be viewed in the video at the top of the article – Ariana's signature ponytail comes to life and demonstrates it has a mind of its own. While the 25-year-old pop sensation is unphased by her crime fighting, drink getting, and talking ponytail, Jimmy looks to be a little freaked out.

During the clip, Jimmy interrupts Grande to ask when exactly her hair started performing as an extra arm on her body. Ariana, however, shrugged off the question noting that she'd always worn her hair up in a ponytail – not acknowledging the talking hair.

Throughout the sketch, Ariana's ponytail opened the mini fridge and fetched Jimmy a drink, picked up the singer's phone when it begun to ring, and autographed a photo for a fan while Grande carried on a conversation on the phone. Fallon and Grande were even interrupted when they heard screams of a woman from the hall as someone made off with her purse.

Grande's hair gave Fallon a reassuring pat on the shoulder before springing into action – tripping the thief and returning the purse to its rightful owner. The multi-tasking hair even pulled out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed the criminal. This was also the moment in the sketch where everyone learned Grande's ponytail was even capable of speaking.

When the woman thanked Ariana's hair for returning her purse the hair said, "no problem," in response before Grande wandered back into the room with Jimmy following behind her – stunned by what he witnessed.

"That was amazing," Jimmy exclaimed as he turned around.

"Thanks Jimmy, high-five?" Ariana's hair responded before high-fiving Jimmy.

Ariana then asked Fallon to take a selfie with her. Grande stuck out her tongue and tilted her head to the side while her ponytail slowly raised and posed in the background behind her and Jimmy.

Grande later shared the selfie she took with Fallon – and her ponytail – on Instagram for her 126 million followers to enjoy. In just three hours, the photo accumulated over 900,000 likes and over 5,000 comments.

"You two are such a perfect combination," one individual commented. "My actual favourite faces and people in the whole world," a second agreed.

For the most part, the comments were a combination of individuals complementing Ariana's signature ponytail and commenting on how well Jimmy and Grande worked together in a sketch.