‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: Alliances Start To Crack As The Week 10 Eviction Looms


There is another live eviction coming up Thursday night on Big Brother 20 and spoilers reveal that there has been some discussion in the house of flipping the plans around. That may not ultimately happen, but there has been some interesting talk among the houseguests emerging via the live feeds and this could make the upcoming week quite entertaining.

So far this week, the houseguests have seemed mostly on the same page about keeping Haleigh and evicting Scottie. Both nominees think they are pawns, but Big Brother spoilers have detailed that the majority has seemed poised to evict Scottie now, with hopes of targeting Haleigh next week.

However, Big Brother Daily shared some interesting spoilers on Twitter from Wednesday’s live feeds. JC has been in Brett’s ear a lot, and others are taking notice. JC is anxious to target Angela and Kaycee, and while Brett wants to see Haleigh gone next, JC has been pushing hard on this angle.

Kaycee was being quite nice to Haleigh much of the day, but Big Brother spoilers note that in discussions with JC, Kaycee was talking about not trusting Haleigh and thinking she’s fake. At various points of the day, Tyler and Sam connected and reaffirmed their final two deal, but Tyler also talked about his final two plans with Kaycee. Tyler told Kaycee he’d choose her over anybody else, and Kaycee noted that she wants to see Angela in the final three with them.

When pressed by JC, Tyler said that he wanted to see Scottie out next, then Haleigh, and then Sam. Big Brother spoilers reveal that JC has been telling Tyler about his drive to see Kaycee and Angela split up, and he’s been quite vocal about the time that Tyler is spending with Angela.

Tyler is watching Brett and JC grow closer by the day, and he’s wary that they might do something wild that could turn everything upside down. As the night wore on, Big Brother spoilers shared that JC told Tyler that he can make Sam and Brett vote however he wants, while Tyler said he can do the same with Angela and Kaycee.

Scottie has been doing some work to try to stay in the house this week, telling Kaycee that he’d never do anything to hurt Tyler’s game. Big Brother spoilers also indicate that he told her he’d line up with anybody who would take him and he had a positive conversation with Brett about the possibility of staying.

As the discussion continued, Scottie noted that Brett, Sam, and JC voting together would save him, and Brett said that it wouldn’t necessarily be that hard to do that. In a separate conversation, Brett and Sam talked about potentially keeping Scottie, noting that they both feel on the outskirts of the Angela, Kaycee, and Tyler trio.

However, it doesn’t look like anybody’s ready to pull the trigger on a vote flip. JC said he’d vote however Tyler wanted, and later he promised Hayleigh he’d vote to keep her. At the same time, JC has been doing a lot of buzzing in other people’s ears and seems anxious to make a move to take control of the game.

Big Brother Network notes that while the discussions got lively and interesting on Wednesday, Scottie is still probably the next one to be evicted. The next Head of Household battle will be interesting, as things could get quite entertaining in Week 11 depending on which houseguest wins. Stay tuned for BB20 spoilers as Week 11 begins to see how crazy things get as these final players have to start breaking promises and flipping on one another.