Mel B Reveals Suicide Confession In New Book Manuscript, Per ‘Radar Online’

Mike WindleGetty Images for AMC Networks

America’s Got Talent judge Mel B allegedly tried to take her own life twice as revealed in a manuscript for her upcoming memoir, as reported by Radar Online.

Mel attempted suicide, as alleged by the Radar report, by overdosing on pills.

Her cries for help were revealed in the manuscript for her book titled Brutally Honest, where the 43-year-old former Spice Girl reportedly reveals some of her darkest secrets.

In the book, Mel remarked that she was just 14, according to Radar, when she first swallowed Anadin Plus pills. Radar also noted that when she was age 39, in 2014, she again swallowed 200 of the same pills, causing her to be rushed to the hospital.

The Radar report does not note why the singer attempted suicide at such a young age. It does report that her second attempted overdose was due to the “stress” she felt over her marriage to ex-husband Stephen Belafonte.

Radar claims Mel states in a series of statements how she watched herself in her bathroom mirror while she took each pill and swallowed them, one after another.

At the time of her second alleged overdose, Mel was a judge on the British version of the television series The X-Factor.

In 2017, Radar reported that the television personality attempted to take her own life after what she called “horrific abuse” at the hands of Belafonte. According to the singer’s statements in a Los Angeles court filing, reported Radar, she claims Belafonte’s alleged abuse and “mind-games” became so “overwhelming” she wanted to end her life.

The star alleged according to the report, that Belafonte, refused to let her call for medical help.

“He threw me in the bedroom (without a phone) and locked the door, telling me to ‘die, b****!'” she allegedly penned in the 2017 Radar story. “I tried to break down the door, and eventually I was able to break the lock as it was very old. Seeing that I opened the door, Respondent pushed it shut.”

“I kept telling him that I wanted to get my stomach pumped and I begged him to let me out.”

The story stated that the following morning after the incident, a driver witnessed Mel’s injuries and took her to the hospital, where she remained for two days.

The singer and current AGT judge is currently involved in a custody battle with her ex-husband over custody of their daughter, Madison, 7.

After being accused of taking drugs by Belafonte, Mel B agreed on Aug. 31, to submit to random drug tests administered by the court.

Mel B. currently appears as a judge alongside Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum on America’s Got Talent on NBC.