Hilary Duff Posts Adorable Maternity Photos As Due Date Approaches

Imeh AkpanudosenGetty Images

Actress Hilary Duff is getting excited to welcome the newest addition to her family and posted snaps from her maternity photo shoot to show it, reports E! News.

Duff’s second child, a baby girl, will soon be joining a family that includes her six-year-old son Luca Comrie, and boyfriend Matthew Koma, with Duff’s due date quickly approaching. The very pregnant Younger star put together a photo shoot and posted two shots to Instagram on Wednesday.

In the first photo, the actress kneels on an oversized leather chair with Luca, gazing up at him as he climbs up the back of the chair. She is wearing a long, gray dress that highlights her baby bump and has her bare feet tucked up underneath her. Her wavy blonde hair cascades down her back as she smiles up at her energetic son. Luca wears a dark t-shirt and jeans with yellow tennis shoes as he holds on to the back of the chair and climbs it. His face is turned towards the camera as he flashes an enormous smile.

The caption reads, “@lauramollphoto I can’t thank you enough for these pics,” followed by a flower pot emoji. Her fans wrote congratulatory messages, calling the actress “gorgeous” and “adorable.” One fan commented, “I love it. You two are so happy and glowing.”

The second photo features Duff and Koma standing on a mountain cliff with a gorgeous view of the city and valley behind them. The actress is wearing the same dress that she wore in the photo with Luca and has added a brown sun hat. She has one hand placed on top of her hat and the other clutching Koma’s hand. Koma wears a light blue shirt tucked into dark skinny jeans and his signature glasses. This time, her caption playfully reads, “And this photo is making papa bear and I look a lot cooler than we are,” followed by a star, flower, and smiley emoji.

Fans left comments on the second photo, including “You are rocking the pregnancy look! Looking fabulous” and “This is amazing, frame worthy,” followed by a heart emoji.

This past weekend, the Inquisitr reported that Duff and Koma have already chosen a name for their baby daughter.

“It was the very first thing [we decided on]. We’ve known her name for a really long time. Her name starts with a B, and I keep calling her baby B, which is awesome…We actually agreed. We had one name picked out and then we swapped a week later and we haven’t discussed it since,” she told People.

Fans are excited to “meet” the couple’s baby girl and find out which name they chose for her.