Raffey Cassidy Suffers A Wardrobe Malfunction On The Red Carpet, But Has Co-Stars To Help Her Out

Vittorio Zunino CelottoGetty Images

Walking the red carpet must be a daunting task with all the cameras flashing and watching a celebrity’s every step, and a wardrobe malfunction must be everyone’s worst nightmare.

At the Venice Film Festival on Tuesday night, Raffey Cassidy walked the red carpet with her fellow Vox Lux castmates for the premiere of the musical drama, per Harper’s Bazaar. She looked stunning in a strapless baby blue dress with white polka dots with a tulle princess cut skirt.

As she walked down the carpet to the flash of many a camera, they stopped to pose together for the camera, and her dress seemed to get tangled up in her heels. Enter her co-stars: Natalie Portman, Stacy Martin, and Brady Corbet, who quickly knelt down in front of her – in the middle of the red carpet – to untangle the dress before it turned into a disaster.

Someone else also rushed from the sidelines to help with the situation, making sure the skirt was loosened from her shoes so that she would be able to walk down the carpet.

The cameras caught the entire incident, including her co-stars making sure she was alright after they had fixed her up while they posed for more photos.

Fortunately, it seemed they were able to solve the problem, allowing the actress to traverse the red carpet obstacle-free after being untangled. The watching audience and cameramen applauded her co-stars for rushing to her aid without hesitation.

Portman wore a long glittery gold dress with long sleeves and a plunging neckline that dropped almost down to her navel. The dress had silver accents around the neckline and was tied at her waist with a thick black belt with diamante embellishments. She left her light brown locks hanging about her shoulders.

Martin stuck with the sparkling theme Portman had created, wearing a silver jumpsuit with long pants and a high neckline created with mesh inserts. The back was low cut, with spaghetti straps hanging over her shoulders. She also left her long dark hair loose.

The four were also joined by other actors from the film attending the premiere, posing for plenty of photos for the press after correcting the wardrobe malfunction. The actors seemed to be enjoying themselves, visibly laughing and joking together on the red carpet.