Jennifer Aniston Is Focused On Work, Not Dating According To ‘People’

Jennifer Aniston is reportedly putting her love life on the back burner.

This past summer, the actress has been incredibly busy filming her upcoming Netflix film, Murder Mystery, alongside co-star Adam Sandler. The movie has taken her away from her home base in the Los Angeles area to both Toronto and Europe. And a source close to Aniston recently told People that Jen has really enjoyed her summer even though it has been filled with work.

“She has been working long days but loves being in Europe. She has had friends with her including Chris [McMillan].”

“She isn’t concerned about dating. She is happy to focus on work,” the insider dished. “She loves filming with Adam.”

The source also shared that it doesn’t seem like Aniston is taking her breakup with husband of two years, Justin Theroux, very hard. In fact, the source goes as far as to say that Aniston doesn’t even really think about him anymore despite the fact that they were together for seven years.

“She doesn’t even talk about him anymore. She doesn’t keep up with what he does. She is focusing on her own life.”

But while Aniston is happy to be single and working, that doesn’t stop her from thinking about another one of her famous exes — Brad Pitt. As the Inquisitr shared a few weeks ago, a source close to Aniston shared that Jen is reportedly happy to see Angelina Jolie “miserable” amid her divorce from Brad Pitt. As fans of the famous couple know, they have been going through a nasty divorce this past year and even fighting over custody of their children.

“Jen’s in a very positive place right now. She’s privately ecstatic to see Angelina at rock bottom,” the source shared.

And aside from her work, Aniston recently spoke out about her love life in an interview with InStyle. The Inquisitr shared that the Friends star slammed haters for speculating about her love life and alluding to the fact that she “cannot keep” a man.

“For the most part, I can sit back and laugh at the ridiculous headlines because they have gotten more and more absurd. I guess they’re feeding into some sort of need the public has, but I focus on my work, my friends, my animals, and how we can make the world a better place,” she told the publication.

She also claimed that she is not “heartbroken” and that all of the rumors about her love life are simply “reckless assumptions” and nothing more since nobody knows what is actually going on behind closed doors. Additionally, Aniston touched on those who have shamed her for not having children, saying that a woman’s purpose in life is not just to procreate while saying that maybe she has other things to do instead of having kids.

Jen’s latest flick, Murder Mystery, comes out in 2019.

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