Justin Bieber Eyeing A Move To Canada With Fiance Hailey Baldwin Once They Are Married

Are Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin planning on moving out of the U.S. after they get married?

Upon saying “I do,” Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin might be packing their bags and saying goodbye to the U.S. for good. According to a Tuesday report by Hollywood Life, the Biebs is eyeing a permanent move to his native Canada, as he feels it would be “a great place” for him and his fiancee to start their lives as a married couple and build a family.

Many fans would no doubt be saddened if Bieber, 24, and Baldwin, 21, decided to relocate to the “Sorry” singer’s native home of Canada once they are husband and wife. Both parties built their careers and rose to fame in the U.S., and of course, fell in love. There’s also the fact that the majority of Baldwin’s family resides in the States as well.

However, despite all the success living in the U.S. has brought them, a source claims that Bieber is seriously considering uprooting the couple to his native country once they are married.

“Justin feels that Canada will be a great place to have a family because there is so little stress there for him. So much less paparazzi and he just feels more relaxed being in the country he was born in,” the source said.

The couple recently visited the “Baby” singer’s hometown in Ontario to spend some quality time with his family, and while there, it was reported that Bieber had purchased a beautiful lakeside mansion for $5 million. The house in question comes complete with horse stables and its own private horse-racing track.

After the news broke, it was wildly speculated that Bieber had bought the house in the hopes that he and Baldwin might live there someday.

Multiple sources have gone on record to say that aside from New York or Los Angeles, Canada is also on the table as a potential wedding destination and it was also speculated that while visiting, the couple may have possibly decided to check out wedding venues in the area.

It appears that Bieber loved growing up in Canada and therefore wouldn’t mind if his and Baldwin’s future children get to experience that as well.

“He would want his future family to experience the way he grew up. He thinks it would be a great thing to experience with Hailey,” the source added.

For now, fans can relax, as they won’t have to say goodbye just yet because it has also been rumored that the couple isn’t planning on getting married until 2019.