Demi Lovato Drug Dealer Brandon Johnson Will Not Face LAPD Investigation

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Brandon Johnson, the man that supplied Demi Lovato with the drugs she overdosed on, even getting high with her and then talking to the press about the events that led up to Lovato’s OD, will not be getting arrested or be the subject of any type of investigation from the Los Angeles Police Department, according to reports from TMZ.

Johnson emerged from obscurity and talked to a TMZ camera about everything that happened the night that Lovato overdosed, starting with the late-night text that Lovato sent him before he warned her about taking the “aftermarket” pills he was selling her while in her Hidden Hills home. In giving such an open conversation with the press while including details that would likely be necessary for a criminal investigation, you would figure that the LAPD would be knocking on his door for his next interview. However, after TMZ reached out to law enforcement sources, it has been revealed that won’t be the case.

The reason Johnson won’t face any trouble is because an overdose is classified as a medical emergency, one that is actually self-induced. While the incident was a tragic situation, the details of it would remove it from the jurisdiction of any type of criminal case.

Lovato’s overdose was first reported on July 24 when paramedics rushed to her house seeking an unconscious female. After her overdose, Lovato spent two weeks in the hospital. Sources told TMZ that the drugs that Lovato and Johnson ingested were oxycodone pills that were likely laced with fentanyl.

Since leaving the hospital, Lovato has checked herself into an unidentified rehab center located on the East Coast but has been seen at a rehabilitation clinic in Chicago as well, doing her best to keep her location under wraps as Lovato continues to fight her demons and reclaim her sobriety.

While Lovato has no timetable for when she will complete her rehab and return to her music and entertainment career, those close to her told TMZ that they expect for Lovato to remain at the facility for a substantial time and that her primary focus is currently on her health with a return to the spotlight occurring only if and when she is ready.

Before her overdose, 2018 was looking to be a very successful year for Lovato, as her 2017 album Tell Me You Love Me reached one billion streams on Spotify and she was embarking on a world tour. She hauntingly released the song “Sober,” detailing her fall from sobriety, in the weeks before her overdose.