Britney Spears Says Wrong City Name While On Stage

Vivien KillileaGetty Images

After making it all the way to the final date of her “Piece of Me” European tour without so much as a peep of negative publicity, Britney Spears made a mistake in Blackpool, England, that has become such a trope that you will more often see it in comedy shows than actually occurring in reality.

According to reports from Entertainment Tonight, Spears made the fatal mistake on Monday of greeting her guests in Blackpool by asking, “How you feeling Birmingham?” the city she had performed in the night before. Birmingham and Blackpool are separated by more than 100 miles.

Spears quickly realized that she had made the error, acknowledging it by saying, “I mean… Black… pool,” but the damage had already been done. The crowd reaction was mixed to the 36-year-old singer’s faux pas, with some of the crowd booing mixed in with cheers of adoration from Spears’ dedicated fanbase.

Spears, ever the consummate professional, rolled right through the mistake as she continued to greet the crowd, saying, “I’m going to get emotional with you guys. This is my last show of ‘Piece of Me.'” After completing 15 tour dates while crisscrossing the European continent, Spears deserves the chance to get emotional as well as make a few minor mistakes.

Despite the confusion in Blackpool, Spears has seemingly enjoyed herself on the English dates of her tour, playing eight separate dates in the country that served as her base during the tour, returning to the country on four separate occasions in between European shows further afield. Spears even broke out a pretty good quality Britsh accent during one of her London shows earlier in the tour.

The “Piece of Me” tour marks a huge career milestone for the veteran pop star, having made it two decades on from the release of her debut single “…Baby One More Time.” While Spears’ career has seen many ups but some very steep downs, some so jarring that you had to have some doubts that she would ever be involved in music again, Spears has bounced back with successful albums, tours, and a cult following that has supported her since they were teenagers.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Spears reflected on reaching 20 years as a performer, saying, “It’s been so fast. I feel like I just started yesterday. It’s like everything still feels very new, which I guess is a blessing.”

As long as she can remember the names of the cities she performs in, another 20 years shouldn’t be a problem.