Kim Kardashian Posts Sexy Backside Photo, Shows Off Long Neon Wig

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Kim Kardashian has posted a new photo of herself on Instagram, shot from behind, that gives fans the perfect view of her entire backside. Clad in a tight, leather, short black dress, and high heels, the reality television personality shows off her latest long, straight neon-blonde hairdo.

In the photo, the socialite is about to step into the driver’s seat of a yellow sports car at night. She is illuminated by the flash of the camera, highlighting the almost green color of her wig. She has clearly been in the sun as her toned, fit body is tanned and sun-kissed. As in many other photos, her fans had plenty to say about her rounded backside that is outlined nicely by the tight dress.

Fans left comments, such as “so hot!” and “she looks amazing!”

Her caption, “Universe must have my back,” is a line from Ariana Grande’s song, “pete davidson.” Many fans completed the second part of the sentence in the comments section with, “Fell from the sky into my lap.”

One fan wrote a cheeky comment in response to her caption saying, ” ill have her back if the universe doesnt.”

Universe must have my back ✨

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The mom of three celebrated Labor Day on Monday with her sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. The sisters posted photos of themselves on social media throwing a traditional barbecue for the holiday. They were also joined by famous friends Luka Sabbat, hairstylist Jen Atkin, and Bella Hadid, reported People.

In the various photos, the group could be seen playing beer pong, eating watermelon, sunbathing, and even having a food fight. Kourtney, 39, wore a white swimsuit top and white pants with lace at the bottom while Kim, 37, wore a tight-fitted outfit. Kendall, 22, wore a red bikini.

Kim and Kendall both shared videos on their Insta stories of the food preparations, reported The Daily Mail. In one clip, Kim films Kourtney preparing guacamole and states for the camera, “Kourtney made the guac you guys, Kourtney made this delicious guac.”

Kim then moves on to Bella Hadid, who is chopping watermelon, and comments, “Okay Bella is on the watermelon- is this not the most professional watermelon slices ever and this is her first time.”

The entrepreneur then moved on to her celebrity hairstylist friend Jen Atkin and stated, “Wait Jen made the fresh banana bread. Look at this guys, it looks so good.”

Also seen on Kim’s Instagram was a photo of her puckering up to the camera during the festivities as the sun shone brightly behind her. The self-proclaimed selfie expert looked stunning in her form-fitting top and long hair wore down.