Colton Underwood And Tia Booth Post Messages On Social Media After On-Screen ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Split

Paul HebertABC

Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise got intense as Colton Underwood broke things off with Tia Booth. Just as Tia had become pretty confident in how well things were going in her renewed relationship with Colton, he decided that he’d felt forced into it and couldn’t move forward. They both headed home and after Monday’s show aired, they both took to social media to share posts about what they experienced.

Colton Underwood shared a photo on Instagram showing him with Tia Booth during their hot dog party on Bachelor in Paradise. He thanked her for her friendship, noting that he knew it would continue beyond the time they had in Mexico. Underwood added that she helped him learn a lot about himself and he thanked her for that.

The Bachelor in Paradise star also told Tia not to settle for anything less than the world, saying that’s what she deserved. Underwood added that he couldn’t wait to see what the future holds for her and he joked about catching up again at some point over a hot dog dinner. The post quickly went viral, snagging nearly 100,000 likes in only an hour or so.

Tia also posted on Instagram about the split after Monday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise aired. She shared a picture of her with Colton, seemingly from the weekend they spent together before he did Becca Kufrin’s Bachelorette season. She said to never regret following your heart. Booth added that while things may not work out as they were planned, she believes they work out as they should.

Booth noted that she’s thankful that this chapter has ended and she wished Colton the best as they both work on beginning new chapters. She added a few hashtags including #peaceoutparadise and #hotdogsforever, and it sounds as if this Bachelor in Paradise contestant is relieved that everybody finally knows where things stand for her in regards to Colton.

While people will have to stay tuned to see what comes next for Tia in terms of romance, the buzz is that Colton will be back on television screens again this winter. As the Inquisitr detailed, Reality Steve has indicated that on Tuesday, Underwood will be announced as the next Bachelor. Fans will surely speculate that Booth will show up to give it one more shot, but it seems unlikely that she’ll throw herself back into that again.

Is Colton Underwood ready to find love as The Bachelor? Is there a guy from “Bachelor Nation” who would truly be a good match for Tia Booth? It seems that Colton and Tia are trying to remain on good terms despite the ups and downs of their relationship, but Monday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise had to have been a difficult one for both of them.