Busby Quintuplets Are Five-Months-Old And Filmed For TLC Reality Show To Replace Duggar Family

The Busby quintuplets just turned five-months-old and are soon to be reality TV stars on the Busby family's new show being filmed right now for TLC. These miracle babies are the only set of all-female quints ever born in America, and the first surviving quints in the world since 1969. Pictured above from left to right, the Busby quintuplet girls are: identical twins Ava Lane and Olivia Marie, Riley Paige, Hazel Grace, and Parker Kate.

They were born on April 8 to thrilled parents, Danielle and Adam Busby, and they have a loving 4-year-old big sister, Blayke. Fans won't miss anything in this fascinating story because the TLC network began filming for their new reality TV show while Danielle was still pregnant.

The new TV series will replace the cancelled Dugger family show, 19 Kids and Counting, and will appear in that time slot. The first show is scheduled to air in early spring, 2016.

Unlike the Duggar family, the Busby kids have no scandals in their history and no skeletons lurking in their closet. The Busby mom and dad are hands-on parents and both are presently full-time caregivers for their children. Big sister Blayke loves to help with her little sisters, but she spends most of her weekdays in school. Blayke also spends one-on-one time with a parent on the way home from school, often visiting a park, stopping for ice cream, or accompanying her to gymnastics classes.

Busby Quints with Big Sister Blayke
The Busby Quints with Big Sister Blayke

Blayke apparently has no trouble telling the babies apart, even though two are identical twins. In a newsletter sent yesterday to fans and posted on the Busby family's website, the girls' mother gave an update on the quints' big sister.

"Blayke Louise loves this fun stage with the babies. It warms our hearts everyday seeing how much she loves them."
In an interview on Wednesday, the parents said they were changing diapers about 40 times a day and feeding the babies 60 bottles of milk. Adam said that feeding the babies costs "$2,100 a month right now with just formula." Danielle was quick to point out, "If you threw in diapers and wipes, you're probably looking at $700-1,000 a month on diapers and wipes." Adam said it was all worth it because of "The little smiles we get now. Smiles and coos."

No doubt the contract with TLC is helping significantly to pay for the little bundles of joy. The family of eight has already moved from its three bedroom home into a new residence to accommodate the quints, as the babies will soon be crawling and need more room to roam. Still in the greater Houston area, the family is now living in Kemah, Texas.

Busby Quints 5 month birthday
Busby quintuplets holding stuffed animal presents on their five month birthday

Unlike the Duggar family, the Busby parents are a deeply religious couple who follow a more normative form of Protestant Christianity. Their TLC audience will view the Busbys as they daily thank God for their six miracle children, all of whom were conceived through IUI (intrauterine insemination). They are also grateful that their six daughters are all healthy and thriving.

Danielle Busby, who could barely eat all of the food on the pregnancy diet her doctors recommended, is also healthy and has totally resumed her pre-pregnancy, slender figure.

Busby family
The Busby quintuplets, big sister Blayke, and mom and dad Danielle and Adam

Writing on the Busby website, Danielle responded to concerns that people have about allowing the children to be on a reality TV show after the Duggar family debacle.

"One of the main things that we hear from people that know and care for us is about the negatives of what this much attention has done to some families. All I can say to that is, we aren't those families. We are the Busbys! We have surrounded ourselves with an incredible support group from our family, church and close friends that help to keep us grounded and accountable. The world needs a happy story."
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[Photos from the Busby Facebook page]