The Top 5 Sexiest Female Cosplays At Crunchyroll Expo 2018 On Instagram

Inquisitr Staff

As the Crunchyroll Expo 2018 is coming to a close, the top 5 sexiest female cosplays at the event have been narrowed down. The Crunchyroll Expo, held at the San Jose Convention Center, is only two years old, but it has quickly developed a large and faithful online following, and the attendance for the event was robust and bigger than last year. The expo was designed to celebrate all things anime, manga, and of course, cosplay. This year, the cosplays seemed exceptionally good, with loads of participants and some costumes that show a high level of craftsmanship that people can be very proud of.

While some people go for the celebrity guests, for a lot of people, the fun is cosplaying and meeting other cosplayers. Marissa is a cosplay veteran living in California, who put together a showstopper of a cosplay with this "supersonic maid" for the Crunchyroll Expo. The level of detail in her costume is excellent; she has been getting nothing but solid feedback for this super sexy cosplay on Instagram, and she looks like she's really enjoying the role, which is always the best indicator that she's nailed it. Serious cosplayers should check her feed for great ideas and tips.