Facebook, WhatsApp And Instagram Update: Sites Go Down On September 3, Unclear When They Will Be Working Again


Anyone who wanted to relax on Facebook or Instagram or chat with friends on WhatsApp on Monday got an unwelcome surprise.

All three of the social media sites have been hit with intermittent outages for much of the end-of-summer Labor Day holiday, leaving many to head to the remaining social media site, Twitter, to vent their frustrations. The hashtag #FacebookDown took over on Twitter as people wondered just where they would go to see what their friends cooked at the last barbeque of the year.

Though most of the complaints came from the United States and the U.K., the Mirror reported that the Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp outages were actually taking place all over the globe and started at close to 5 p.m. ET.

“Many are being met with a blank screen as they try and access Facebook, while others cannot connect to WhatsApp,” the report noted. “An update from Facebook says it is down for maintenance, but some are getting an error code 1 or 2 when they try to log in.”

Others users are getting an error message when they try to sign in, the report noted.

This is now the second time in two weeks that Facebook has reported major user problems. Back on August 17, many users reported that they were unable to make or load new comments, Newsweek reported.

Another Facebook outage on July 17 struck users across the globe. As the Independent reported, the other social media sites were also hit with difficulties at the same time, just as they were on September 3.

“The outage was felt all across the world, according to the website Down Detector,” the report noted. “Issues were concentrated on the east coast of the US and western Europe, but that is likely a result of the fact that people in other parts of the world are in bed.”

“It comes after a difficult week for Facebook, which has not only had significant issues of its own but has also seen Instagram and Facebook Messenger hit by major outages.”

The website Down Detector, which monitors websites and shows exactly where and when outages are taking place, showed that the social media sites were not working across many parts of the globe during the September 3 outage.

It was not clear when either Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp could be back up again, and none of the companies have yet released official statements. Anyone who wants to follow when the outages lessen can keep an eye on Down Detector.