Drew Brees Scammed Out Of $7 Million By Jeweler

Drew Brees is one of the highest paid players in the NFL, but regardless of the millions he made professionally, Brees can’t be blamed for his anger after seeing a diamond he sold for $3.75 million after valuation currently being revalued for $7 million, with a potential selling price for more than $10 million.

According to reports from TMZ Sports, the star quarterback for the New Orleans Saints was unable to even speak when this information was relayed to him, instead simply shaking his head in disbelief at the fact that his jeweler would scam him out of such an obscene amount of money.

The information came to light as part of a lawsuit Brees put forward against his former jeweler Vahid Moradi. Brees claims that over years of doing business with the San Diego-based jeweler, he has been scammed out of millions of dollars, often finding himself paying massively over the valuation when purchasing.

While there is a fairly vast collection of jewelry involved in the lawsuit, the item that put the lawsuit in motion was a 4.09-carat blue diamond that Brees purchased in 2015. When Brees purchased the diamond, he spent $8.1 million on the flashy piece. The quarterback did eventually have second thoughts about the value and decided to have it reappraised.

When Brees got the diamond reappraised, he was told that it was of the much lower valuation of $2 million. Based on that information, Brees eventually sold the piece for $3.75 million in the spring of 2018, which Brees felt was suitable considering the valuation.

This information led to a massive twist in the deposition after Moradi’s lawyer, Eric George, suspected that something might not be right after finding out the second appraiser got a commission for brokering the $3.75 million deal. George made a comment on his findings that definitely unsettled Brees and may have turned the lawsuit on its head.

“Would it surprise you to know that it’s being offered right now at a wholesaler’s for $6.8 million?”

According to documents acquired from TMZ Sports, Brees had no verbal reaction, with transcripts from the deposition showing he responded with the reaction “[Brees shakes head].”

George went on to tell Brees that if it were at a standard retail jeweler as opposed to a wholesaler, the diamond could go for upwards of $10 million. When Brees’ lawyer, Andrew Kim, was reached for comment, he made clear that the current price point may still not be the proper valuation of the diamond and none of the information removes the fact that Brees feels that he has been scammed by Moradi.

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