‘Big Brother 20’ Fans Say Tyler Crispen Should Be Disqualified After Questionable HOH Win

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Tyler Crispen is Head of Household this week in the Big Brother game, but some superfans of the CBS reality show think he should be disqualified from winning the house’s highest honor.

Crispen went head to head–literally!—against Haleigh Broucher in a violent county fair-themed comp that had them getting pummeled by a cherry pie. In the end, Crispen outlasted Broucher on a swinging rope, but fans are zeroing in on footage that shows the South Carolina native repeatedly taking his feet off the disc at the bottom of the rope.

Big Brother fans noted that part of Angela Rummans’ reading of the Head of Household competition rules was done as a voiceover. Rummans was heard saying “at no time may you sit on your disc,” and “the last houseguest standing on your disc and you will in the best prize of all: Head of Household.”

But in a Diary Room clip, Big Brother player Kaycee Clark is shown explaining her strategy for the competition, and now some fans think Angela’s rule-reading was edited. In the Big Brother clip, which you can see below, Kaycee states that contestants must keep one foot on the disc at all times. Several Big Brother fans posted videos and still photos that clearly show Tyler with both feet off of the disc as he swings back and forth on the rope.

Some Big Brother fans questioned the rules of the competition after CBS showed Kaycee saying one foot had to stay on the disc and Tyler Crispen later admitting that he did not do that.

Big Brother fans are now speaking out on social media to say Tyler should have been eliminated for taking both feet off the disc and that Haleigh should have won this week’s crucial HOH.

“Tyler should have been disqualified,” one fan tweeted. “Both feet had to stay on the rope and here is a picture of Tyler’s feet off the rope.”

“Hey Tyler’s feet came off the disc, (you didn’t show that part) & you did a voice over for part of Angela reading the HOH comp rules. Something’s fishy!” another fan tweeted.

“I am actually DONE!” another wrote. “In this clip, you can clearly SEE that BOTH of Tyler’s feet were off of his rope platform thing. He should have been eliminated!”

“Even if the rule was only to be ‘the last person standing,’ by taking both feet off the disc, Tyler was hanging. He was NOT standing,” another fan tweeted. “And he should have been disqualified. Haleigh should have been named the HOH.”

Others accused CBS of making sure Tyler is in the final two. Crispen is clearly a producers’ favorite after appearing on the CBS reality show TKO: Total Knock Out earlier this summer.

But other fans pointed out that Tyler Crispen was seen on the CBS live feeds repeatedly admitting that his feet slipped and none of the other houseguests reacted like it was an issue. Even Haleigh, who lost the competition to Tyler, is not screaming to production that Tyler “cheated.”

It’s obvious there is a lot of confusion over the rules to the competition, but it would be highly unlikely for CBS to disqualify Tyler Crispen at this point, especially since none of the other houseguests are crying foul over his gameplay.

Big Brother airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.