Kaley Cuoco Shares Informative Video About Horse Health Care On Instagram

In a short, informative video that Big Bang Theory star, Kaley Cuoco, released today on her Instagram account in conjunction with her husband, and equine veterinarian, she shared her fears and concerns about equine health. The issue in question that the trio was focused on was equine gastric health, specifically ulcers, which horses are prone to develop.

Cuoco wrote, "This topic of conversation has been on my mind for awhile so @mrtankcook and I wanted to bring some attention to it! FYI We are not getting paid to say any of this - we just feel strongly about the issue!???? If you are interested, swipe to see our convo regarding equine gastric ulcers and how easy it is to check them in your beloved horses!"

In the video, Cuoco, Cook, and their veterinarian have an honest conversation about equine health care and why they thought bringing up the issue of equine gastric ulcers was important now. Cuoco brought up how both she and husband's horses are given the best of care, yet when they had their show horses checked for ulcers, their horses still had them.

They list symptoms of equine gastric ulcers so that other horse owners can be cognizant of and recognize these in their horses and be able to act and treat their horses faster. The trio also describe how easy it is for horses to develop gastric ulcers, showcasing a study where several horses were scoped before being put in a trailer and showed no ulcers. After the horses were put in a trailer and driven around, they scoped the horses again and found that several had already developed gastric ulcers in such a short time and from such a mundane or common experience as being transported in a trailer.

Cuoco's husband made a plea towards the end of the video for horse owners to have their horses examined for gastric ulcers, as the process is simple and owners do not have to move their horses in order to be tested. Technicians or veterinarians can go to the stables and scope the horses there.

Cuoco is an avid animal lover and also competes in horse jumping competitions when not starring on the hit show The Big Bang Theory. Her husband is also an accomplished equestrian, having been a champion horse jumper, taking the top prize at the SmartPak Grand Prix in 2015.

The couple was not endorsed or paid to advocate for this procedure to check out horses for gastric ulcers.