'Big Brother 20's' JC Mounduix Accused Of Saying The N-Word Again On CBS Live Feeds

Big Brother star JC Mounduix is being heavily scrutinized in the aftermath of several questionable incidents during his stint on the CBS reality show, but fans are at odds over the latest incident involving the controversial houseguest. On the CBS live feeds, Mounduix was seen snickering with Haleigh Broucher, and some viewers think he is joking about the N-word.

A Big Brother fan shared a live feed clip to Twitter of "JC saying the n-word" while laughing. The fan followed up his tweet with the explanation: "If you didn't know, they were talking about Snickers and JC thought it was funny that Snickers sounded like the N-word."

According to Us Weekly, some Big Brother fans believe JC, who has a heavy Spanish accent, was saying the word "Snickers" instead of the banned word that he was caught saying earlier this season. But others aren't so sure and want to see the 28-year-old Cuban born dancer sent packing from the CBS reality show.

Swaggy C Williams, who was also a contestant on Season 20 of Big Brother and lived with JC for 23 days before being evicted from the game, weighed in on Twitter, revealing that he believes JC did say the N-word again and needs to be "canceled."

JC Mounduix previously came under fire for saying the N-word during a conversation with Swaggy C's girlfriend, Bayleigh Dayton, earlier this season. Mounduix was trying to explain how some terms for "little" people are comparable to the N-word, but Dayton cut him short, telling him he is not allowed to ever say that word.

CBS later aired the exchange on the Big Brother broadcast after running a disclaimer distancing the network from the opinions of the houseguests.

Last week, JC Mounduix was caught on the CBS live feeds fondling houseguest Tyler Crispen as he slept. He also held the bathroom door open on Haleigh Broucher as she used the toilet, prompting her to scream for production to stop him. Earlier this season, the controversial houseguest harassed fellow Big Brother player Kaycee Clark by putting an ice cream scooper near her genitals.

Big Brother producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan issued a statement to The Wrap revealing why they have allowed JC Mounduix to remain on the popular reality show. The CBS producers reiterated that the safety of the houseguests is the show's top priority and that after interviewing all of the parties involved, the Big Brother housemates "in no way felt threatened, unsafe or sexually harassed" by JC.

Big Brother has a long history with controversial contestants, most notably during the show's 15th season which featured several contestants who were caught making homophobic and racist comments about gay, African American, and Asian housemates. The entire back half of the show's 13th season featured a disclaimer at the top of each episode. At the time, CBS CEO Les Moonves addressed the network's decision to air a disclaimer at the beginning of each Big Brother episode, telling The Hollywood Reporter, "I think we've handled it properly. It makes us uncomfortable."

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.