Heather Locklear’s Release From Rehab Postponed, Friends Worried She Isn’t Getting Better

The actress's behavior since entering rehab has some concerned that she isn't doing the work she needs to do to get healthy again.

Heather Locklear's Release From Rehab Postponed, Friends Worried She Isn't Getting Better
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The actress's behavior since entering rehab has some concerned that she isn't doing the work she needs to do to get healthy again.

Troubled actress Heather Locklear was expected to be released from rehab in September, but Radar Online is reporting that there has been a change in plans. It looks now as if it will be at least October before Locklear ventures beyond the rehab center she currently calls home. People close to Locklear don’t mind the delay, however, because they fear she isn’t making the progress they had hoped for.

One source told the entertainment website that she is also able to stay in touch with the outside world through her phone and social media, something that is usually not allowed in a rehabilitation program. Since entering the program, Locklear has kept tabs on her fiancée Chris Heisser’s activity and has called him multiple times. Evidence of the jealousy that landed her in rehab has not gone away, and that’s cause for concern for those close to her.

Back in February, law enforcement was called to Locklear’s home after biting Heisser’s nose. When they arrived, she continued with her out-of-control behavior by hitting and threatening Ventura County deputies and EMT personnel. That incident left her with five misdemeanor counts — four of them for battery of a peace officer and the other for resisting arrest. The actress posted a $20,000 bail for her release.

Earlier this week, three more misdemeanors were added to the charges the 56-year-old will face, those stemming from a June arrest in which she behaved in the same manner. Police officers described her as “extremely intoxicated” when she allegedly punched a deputy in the chest and stomach and struck a member of the EMT team. One charge is for interfering with a law enforcement officer, and the other two are for the alleged attacks on emergency responders. She has pleaded guilty to all charges.

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Locklear was released on bail from her June stint in jail, but officers were back at her home within hours, this time on suspicions that the actress had overdosed. Fox News reports that she was also charged with choking her father and hitting her mother at the time. Law enforcement had her hospitalized and she was placed on a psychiatric hold. It was shortly after this incident that she voluntarily entered a rehabilitation program.

Back in 2008, Heather Locklear was arrested for driving under the influence. The charges were dismissed, but the actress received a sentence of three years of informal probation and was ordered to pay a $700 fine and attend a driving safety class.