‘Southern Charm’ Couple J.D. Madison & Wife Elizabeth Back Together Amid Rape Accusations

The two cuddled on her Instagram post despite the assault complaint.

Southern Charm season 4
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The two cuddled on her Instagram post despite the assault complaint.

Just days before the news broke that a Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina woman accused J.D. Madison, a “friend” of the Southern Charm cast, of sexual assault, the former bar owner and his wife Elizabeth looked cozy on her Instagram page. In the post, the two were hugging while at an infusion place to get their B-12 fluids together. This followed a post on August 10 in honor of their wedding anniversary.

One of the storylines on Season 5 of Southern Charm revolved around the Madisons separation and the women on the cast initially siding with Liz Madison while criticizing J.D., says Bravo. In the first episode of the season, Naomie Olindo confronted J.D. at a party, calling him a cheater and a terrible husband. Olindo says she spoke to Liz Madison before and after that shoot, and the two laughed about it, but after that scene aired, Liz turned on Naomie, siding with J.D. instead.

Liz Madison even sat down with Bravo after the fact and spoke of her disappointment with Naomie.

“This season, after just watching the first two episodes, my jaw hit the floor. For J.D. to be attacked like that is not acceptable. It was an unprovoked attack at a very inappropriate place. Naomie took some things I had shared with her in private and mixed them with lies, rumors, and her own personal judgments to cast J.D. in a negative light. It was so hurtful — and J.D. has only treated those girls with respect and kindness. It isn’t in his nature to be mean or cruel to others.”


Liz Madison said she was surprised that nobody spoke up for J.D. which forced her to speak out and defend him.

“J.D. is a wonderful human being filled with love, strength, and sensitivity. He is an amazing and loving father.”

But now that J.D. and Elizabeth are reportedly back together, their relationship is being tested once again by allegations that J.D. drugged and raped a local woman, says People Magazine.

The woman claims that Madison had “slipped a drug in her drink,” and later she awakened to the bourbon vendor “forcibly raping and sodomizing her.”

Various court documents indicate that the last year has been difficult for Madison who was evicted from the King Street location of his restaurant The Gentry. The management company filed a lawsuit in federal court in order to recoup the $163k in back rent plus fees, and they are suing Madison personally and his corporation.