'Big Brother 20' Week 10 Spoilers: Nominees For Eviction Revealed

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 20.

Week 10 of Big Brother Season 20 is in full swing, and a new Head of Household has just placed two nominees on the block for eviction. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Tyler Crispen was crowned the Week 10 Head of Household (HOH) after winning a classic Big Brother competition where houseguests hung onto ropes as they were swung into various obstacles. Outlasting Haleigh Broucher in the final two, Tyler came out victorious.

It's now been revealed by Big Brother Daily that Tyler has nominated Haleigh and Scottie Salton for eviction. Scottie just reentered the house Thursday evening after winning the Jury Battle Back competition. Bayleigh Dayton, Faysal Shafaat and Angie "Rockstar" Lantry competed against Scottie in a very quick competition, where they had to drop four balls into a cylinder from a platform.

Scottie's nomination comes as no surprise, as it's normal for a returning houseguest to be placed on the block immediately after winning a Battle Back competition. Haleigh's selection was not shocking either, as she's one of the only people in the house to not have a final two deal with Tyler. Haleigh also placed Tyler on the block after she was crowned the first hacker, and was the only houseguest to take a shot at the lifeguard all summer.

Four jury members battle back to reenter the house
CBS | Sonja Flemming
Rockstar, Scottie, Faysal, and Bayleigh compete in the Jury Battle Back competition.

Sam Bledsoe was almost placed on the block instead of Scottie because, according to Tyler, everyone in the house is annoyed with her. However, most of the house still considers Scottie a threat and of the two, he is by far the bigger target.

From conversations on the live feeds, Scottie appears to be the true target of Tyler's HOH. Haleigh knew she would be put on the block ahead of time, and has been given some reassurance that she is not enemy number one this week. Tyler is pretending that Haleigh is the target in an attempt to fool Scottie, all in an effort to ensure he doesn't try too hard in the Power of Veto (POV) competition, which takes place in a few days.

Scottie and Haleigh of BB20
CBS | Sonja Flemming
Haleigh and Scottie are on the block in Week 10.

If Haleigh or Scottie wins the POV this week, Tyler will be forced to put one of his "Level 6" alliance members or one of his final two partners on the block. For now, the only people in the house Tyler does not have a final two deal with are Scottie, Haleigh, and his showmance partner Angela Rummans. Tyler did have a final two deal with Scottie before Scottie's eviction, but there is no clarification if that deal still stands.

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