Julianne Hough Posts Sultry 'Burlesque' Throwback Video On Instagram

Julianne Hough wowed followers with a steamy, throwback video post on her Instagram profile on Friday. The former Dancing With The Stars fan-favorite shared a racy routine which was featured in the 2010 musical film Burlesque.

Hough plays a club dancer in the movie, which also starred legendary entertainers Cher and Christina Aguilera. The Instagram video is a clip of a Hough performing to the song "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend." Hough is smoldering with auburn hair as she slides down a beaded curtain in a skimpy black lingerie set, including thigh-high stockings, gloves, and heels, and lands in a split. Her neckline is covered in jewels, with earrings and a belly ring to match. Once she touches down on the stage, Hough launches into a sexy, swinging dance routine, featuring high kicks and killer turns.

Hough is then shown on stage flanked on either side with more burlesque dancers, who clutch and throw jewels as the audience looks on.

She captioned the video with a story about the difficulty of filming the scene and the physical toll it took on her body.

"#fbf to my film debut in Burlesque 8 years ago! I remember sliding down those beads like it was yesterday!! It was one of the coolest things I've ever done (and most painful) As a Dancer, it's just engrained in you to never complain and I remember having burns down my sides, my arms, my legs, but I never wanted to say anything. But I'll never forget @kristenanniebell saying "This is a closeup of something else, they're not getting you, you don't have to do this every take!" Haha."
Hough continues the caption by thanking co-star and actress Kristen Bell for her support, saying that she learned a lot from her work on Burlesque and that her experience was worth the pain.

Fans ate up the throwback Friday post, with the video receiving over 364,000 views in an hour, with 74,200 likes and over 1,400 comments. Many fans were shocked, commenting that they loved the movie, but did not realize that Hough was the dancer in the scene.

"Oh my gosh!!! I love this movie and never realized it is you there!!!! Life is a circle...[three emoji hearts]," one user wrote.

"To this day, I still listen to this movie sound track. It's still within my top 5 favorite movies. And your performances in it was a cherry on top! you're my favorite!" another added.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Hough continues to dazzle and inspire fans with posts motivational messages of body-positivity, all while showing off her winning smile and fit physique.