Halle Berry Shows Off Age-Defying Physique In New Post On Instagram

Halle Berry served some fitness motivation on her Instagram page on Friday with a new photo where she's wearing some eye-catching workout gear.

"People always ask me about my fitness gear, so I've tagged some of my favorite brands in the photo above," the 52-year-old actress wrote in the caption. "It's so important to find workout clothing that hugs your body and makes you feel????????. Supportive, comfortable shoes are a must and ALWAYS wear rash when learning martial arts. ENJOY!!"

Based on the tags on the photo, the white top she's wearing in the photo is by Aloyoga, the black leggings are from Koral, and her sneakers are by Under Armour.

Her fans expressed appreciation for the photo, complimenting Berry on her fit physique at 52.

"You're such an inspiration for us over 50 women. Age is just a number. Keep it up!!" one fan wrote in the comments.

"Only person in the world who's mind and body reverse as their age goes forward," another fan commented.

Berry and her trainer also shared some health and fitness tips on her Instagram stories. One fan asked her about vitamins that women can take when they're over 40.

"I don't really take one vitamin, like one pill, " the actress answered. "I take multiple vitamins. I take calcium, I take magnesium, I take loads of Vitamin C, I take B 12..."

She added that she supplements her diet with green drinks and bullet coffee to maintain her health.

One of her more hilarious responses came when one of her followers asked for advice about getting rid of toxins after a vacation.

"I say take a good sh*t," she said with a giggle. "Go get some Miralax and have a good one. That's what I'd do."

Berry and her trainer also recommended cardio in the morning, water, and healthy caffeinated drinks for that particular health problem.

They also recommended stretches for dealing with sciatica pain and gave advice on how to push forward after you've hit your workout plateau.

Halle Berry regularly gives her fans a sneak peek at her workouts. As the Inquisitr previously reported, she has been doing martial arts training to prepare for her role in the third movie in the John Wick franchise.

"Unfortunately, in this crazy world in which we live you might someday find yourself in a situation where you have to protect yourself, and actually knowing just some simple moves could save your life or the lives of those you love," she wrote in the caption.

In her stories, she posted a video of some high kicks and flips that fans of John Wick can look forward to seeing in the movie.

John Wick 3: Parabellum is set to be released in 2019.